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18 Best Combs for Hair and Beards

A quality comb is no joke. Cheap, poorly designed combs are made out of injection molded plastic that has rough ridges all around that will snag your hair, pulling it out by the roots, breaking strands in the middle, and injuring your scalp causing dandruff to run rampant. They strip hair of oils rather than naturally moving it across the hair for better health and shine, and they’ll fail to distribute styling waxes, gels, and pomades evenly, causing clumps, dry spots, messes, or other follicular disasters.

Good combs, on the other hand, are made of cellulose acetate, smooth metal, wood, or animal horns. They will have rounded edges at all points of contact which will help massage your head to stimulate hair growth, move oils from your scalp to the tips of your hair for healthier shine, and won’t snag or catch in your hair. They’re also adept at distributing styling products evenly and thoroughly throughout your mane so that you can control your hold without thought or effort. If you haven’t considered your comb, it’s time to give back to your hair and get one of the best.

West Coast Shaving Uppercut Deluxe

via bespokebarbers.co.nz

Though technically an inexpensive plastic comb, this pocketable ally doesn’t have the rough ridges that come with inferior combs, and is trim and light for easy EDC to groom wherever you may roam. Purchase: $5

Cyril R Salter Metal Double-Tooth

via fendrihan.com

Finished with metal and offering broad or fine teeth, you have to work to damage this comb, but rarely have to do more than swipe it along to get otherwise disobedient down to fall into line and style up in seconds flat. Purchase: $6

Cricket Carbon C30

via amazon.com

A fine carbon comb for those of a gentle hair set who need a slightly soft, easy, handled way to put their tresses in place. That carbon build won’t flex or bend under pressure, allowing for more precision while styling and simpler parts whether you have hair that lays flat, or wants to fight you every step of the way. Purchase: $6

EQLEF Green Sandalwood No Static Handmade

via amazon.com

Our favorite split style comb with both standard bristles and slimmer choices for fine-tuning your cut without sucking up pocket space, static disperses easily on the Sandalwood frame, and the grip provides leverage for working out ugly snags without requiring pure muscle that will cause breaks. Put it in the sunlight and watch as the sandalwood transforms into a remarkable sheen that’s as manly as a comb gets. Purchase: $10

BhBuy Ox Horn

via amazon.com

Bold buffalo horn is used in the construction of this dark horse from BhBuy, and its natural ability to battle static, untangle beards or head hair, and gently massage your scalp will have you reaching for it time and again. Unlike most horn combs, it opts for a finer tooth arrangement that uses the strength of the material to prevent breaking in an all-natural, organic way to stay looking runway ready. Each one is hand made and polished so it’s ready to be deployed at the drop of a hat. Purchase: $10

Go Comb Stainless Steel Wallet

via touchofmodern.com

Durable thanks to stainless steel, the goal of the Go Comb is to give you a suave way to slip through security unnoticed, while still being able to keep your dapper looks intact should you meet someone special out in the lands beyond. Purchase: $14

pureGLO Green Sandalwood

via amazon.com

A stylish one-two punch that uses sandalwood on the handle for a glowing shine in the sun’s rays, the teeth are all buffalo horn that can sweep along quickly, handle static with grace, and contrast with the handle beautifully. Purchase: $14

Percy Nobleman

via percynobleman.com

Classic swagger goes along with this traditional barber’s comb from Percy. If your look is a nod to the past and you want a gentle item to complete your aesthetic with a flourish, look no further. Purchase: $15

Baxter Of California Large

via bowlsla.com

Made to move smoothly through hair of any kind, with a nice heft for use without feeling chintzy or easily breakable, it’s also comfortable against your scalp for less scraping on sensitive skin. Purchase: $20

Oriental Horn Comb Natural Ox Horn

via amazon.com

Completely constructed of durable Ox horn, each comb is hand-made and bears the unique marbling and structure of the horn from whence it came. Good for pocket carry or keeping on hand at home, the inherent good looks and individuality make it an accessory that you’re never ashamed to pull out in any company. Purchase: $20

Rocky Mountain Barber Company Hair Comb

via amazon.com

Great for all hair, from your bushy beard to the fine follicles on your head, the wooden body eliminates static for both a more comfortable combing experience, and more manageable styling. Purchase: $22

Kent NU22 Handmade

via amazon.com

Hand built by one of the most sophisticated brands in haircare products, the mottled look and leather case speak to the exquisite attention to detail that makes Kent synonymous with gentleman’s accessories around the world. Fine and able to cope with hair of any time, it’s also particularly good at moving oils, waxes, and clays around. Purchase: $22

The Man Comb

via houseofdreadful.com

Held together by a magnet that allows for on the go adjustment and hold, the body is acrylic and works with the fine and the frizzy, and the aluminum handle can attach to keychains; bearing a bottle opener for boozing with your favorite microbrew suds. Purchase: $25

Tough and Tumble Revolve

via amazon.com

A more meaty pocket comb made of stainless steel with its own faux leather sheath for easier transport, and fewer snags both in your pocket and when slipping through your hedge. Purchase: $26

Big Red Handcrafted Number 7

via bigredbeardcombs.com

Any of Big Red’s wooden comb choices will give you a fine way to sort our your hair situation, but the Number 7 is especially talented at domesticating wild beards or heads full of curls without wrecking your skin or yanking. Purchase: $28+

Mason Pearson Detangling Comb

via petersofkensington.com.au

Using acrylics that are best suited for coping with troublesome and tangled hair, the goal of this comb is to help those dealing with difficult hair to get a smooth, comfortable way to de-knot day after day. Purchase: $34

Ti EDC Handmade Titanium

via amazon.com

Steel and carbon are fine, but when you plan on doing your primping on the outskirts of hell, you need a comb that won’t break, won’t budge, and yet won’t hurt your hair when you put it to work. The curve works with the shape of your head, and the bulbous tips offer a scalp rub worthy of tingles, all in a futuristic construct that’s ready to face the 21st century. Purchase: $36

Chicago Comb Company No 1

via motovault.cc

Over-designed for some, this is laser-cut stainless steel that’s been hand finished with a softer exterior, providing a metal comb’s density and weight with a horn or acrylic comb’s gentle operation in the thicket. Purchase: $45

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