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18 Finest Reading Chairs for Your Home Library

Curling up with a good book is a pleasure that few of us get to enjoy in this hectic, always-on, perpetually-connected, 24-hour-news-cycle world. Readers rarely can take the time to savor the words of great minds, or even just enjoy the mental saccharine of popular brain candy books; be they trashy romance or outrageous thrillers. Worse, even when we get to finally sit and relax with our favorite tome, too often discomfort can spoil the experience, leaving us happy with the literature, but suffering from the tortuous pain of a bad reading chair.

If you’re one of the bibliomaniacs out there who is developing bad posture from the wrong sitting apparatus, perhaps we can be of assistance with the 18 best reading chairs.


Elegant IKEA POÄNG armchair nursery setup 18 Finest Reading Chairs for Your Home Library

Minimal Expense: Seeing is believing when it comes to the POÄNG series of furniture from IKEA. Deceptively cheap, it’s easy to dismiss these pieces, but once you try out the bentwood frames in your choice of rocker or standard, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the comfort, and downright shocked at how elegant they look in person. Made in your choice of fabric or leather, there’s no downside to be had. [Amazing setup by Katy at TheCleverBunny]

Purchase: $59-$159

Alex Chair and a Half

Alex Chair and a Half 18 Finest Reading Chairs for Your Home Library

Dauntless: Don’t think, just sit. This chair virtually calls out to passers-by to come and relax. Sock arms, wedged legs, and a semi-attached pillow; it comes in sleeper varieties if you expect company, or you can simply enjoy the standard flavor in your choice of customizable colors.

Purchase: $849

Notting Hill Velvet Chesterfield Armchair

Notting Hill Velvet Chesterfield Armchair

At the Abbey: Perfect for John Bates to rest his weary leg, the Chesterfield armchair harkens back to 18th century England, but it’s far from archaic. Rolled arms and deep button tufting add style to any home, and the feather and deep foam cushions will give any rump a pliant rest for reading.

Purchase: $999

Gia Chair

Gia Chair - reading armchair

Just Like Mom’s: A little more rigid than most of our favorite reading chairs, this has a relaxed yet ready feel. The ‘50’s cut might make it seem a little dated, but once you throw your legs over the side and dig into a volume, it’ll feel like home in moments.

Purchase: $1,199

Lovesac The Big One

Lovesac The Big One - leather

Dorm Dreams: Wrapped in velvet or phur, you can get multiple covers for every occasion, then mold The BigOne into whatever shape suits your home and your reading style. At 8 feet in diameter and sitting 3 feet off the floor, this is the throne of beanbag chairs.

Purchase: $1,450

CH468 Oculus

CH468 Oculus Armchair - metallic grey

Post-Modern: Behind the sharp angularity of the Oculus is a deep seat with very gently sloped arms that puts you in a comfortable power pose, cradling your back and neck. From Hans J. Wegner, the Oculus is good for minimalists who prize plenty of padding.

Purchase: $1,550

Dalton Recliner

Dalton Recliner

American Custom: There’s few things more American than a recliner, but they’re not typically good for browsing through a book. Using a leverless fabric body with walnut legs, the Dalton’s clean lines can go anywhere, taking the option to lay back or go bolt upright along with it.

Purchase: $1,699

Restoration Hardware Churchill

Restoration Hardware Churchill - armchair with nailheads

The Professor: Slung low and deep, the Churchill feels more like sitting in a cigar and whiskey bar than in your house, but once you’re enveloped in the plush leather and the plump cushioning, you’ll be eager to stay for as long as it takes to finish all of Narnia’s Chronicles.

Purchase: $1,855

Jean Gillon Leather Sling Lounge Chair

Jean Gillon Leather Sling Lounge Chair

Flower Child: Capturing the essence of the summer of love, the Sling uses suspended webbing to give you a sense of sitting on air with just enough structure from the hardwood lines to add in a feeling of solidity and security.

Purchase: $3,500

Lookout Mountain Rocker

Lookout Mountain Rocker - reading chair

Traditional: Crafted in the same way for 30 years, the Rocker is made out of hand-stretched saddle leather that has been vegetable tanned to perfection. When seated, the chair draws around the reader thanks to mortise and tenon joints. The result is a perfect fit for every person.

Purchase: $3,950

LC4 Chaise Lounge

LC4 Chaise Longue

Body Sculpture: The curves of the LC4 are meant to mimic that of the human body so as you rest on it, you are smoothly and naturally supported. The only challenge is not falling asleep while you dig through Proust’s dense prose.

Purchase: $4,015

ej6 yasmin lounge chair

ej6 yasmin lounge chair - red

Throwback: Vintage 60’s style in plenty of eye-popping colors, the yasmin is low and deep, putting your back and shoulders at the right angle for reading without straining your neck or ruining your décor. The teacup shape can be tiring, so add in an ottoman, or just get up and move on occasion.

Purchase: $4,488

Eames Lounge Chair

Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman - relaxing room

A Little English: Inspired by the English club chair, Ray and Charles Eames use molded plywood to create a frame that is comfortable and rustic, but also soft and supple. Like a favorite baseball mitt, it’s heaven for long sitting sessions.

Purchase: $4,935

Christopher Guy Majestic


Privacy Perch: When you plant your backside into the Majestic, you’ll feel like peasants should bow and scrape before you. Volute scrollwork lines the exterior while the wings and immense back prevent anyone from reading over your shoulder.

Purchase: $5,703

Togo Lounge Chairs by Michel Ducaroy

Togo Lounge Chairs in grey

Matched Set: An homage to the 1970’s, you’ll find yourself flopping onto these again and again merely because they beg for you to do so. Use one alone or combine them to create your own little book nook, the brown leather and tight stitching might be the only good thing to come from the Disco Decade.

Purchase: $6,675/Pair

Bertoia Asymmetric Chaise

Bertoia Asymmetric Chaise - Harry Bertoia, 1952

Patio Perusing: Part of Harry Bertoia’s 1952 wire collection, this Chaise is intended for reading by the pool or out on your terrace. With a few adjustments you can sit comfortably on the odd shape in a wide array of positions to save your spine from distress and alleviate aches.

Purchase: $7,380

Richard Clarkson Cradle

Richard Clarkson Cradle

Nest Egg: Hand-crafted by the people of New Zealand, the bowl shape is for those who take their curling very seriously. Plush as a gossamer cloud, there’s but one difficulty: Getting out of it.

Purchase: $8,400

Banquete Chair with Pandas by Fernando and Humberto Campana

Banquete Chair with Pandas by Fernando and Humberto Campana

Conversation Piece: An oddly cute piece crafted by the Campanas, there’s only 25 of these in the world. The rarity makes them special, but sit on it for a few minutes and you’ll quickly find that the arrangement of stuffed toys has an allure that goes beyond mere collector’s bliss.

Purchase: ~ $42,000

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