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2012 Porsche Boxter S Black Edition

The 2012 Porsche Boxter S Black Edition is a shining example of when budget goes bad ass.  The Black Edition Boxter takes the entry-level Porsche to 911 heights with a boost in performance, a blacked-out paint job and a host of accessory upgrades.  Under the hood, this cabriolet packs a 320 horsepower flat-six engine capable of speeds up to 170mph, plus takeoff times of 4.7 seconds to 60 mph.

From tip-to-tip, this special edition Boxter S is covered with all-black-everything.  The paint, the rims, the seats and everything in between is given the “murdered out” treatment.  On the tech side, the Black Edition offers bright bi-xenon headlamps, Bose surround sound, navigation, automatic climate control and more, if the boost in muscle and the black styling isn’t enough for you.  It’ll begin shipping this spring for $65k .  As always, Porsche doesn’t pull any punches with the press photos, so scope those below.

2012 Porsche Boxter S Black Edition Gallery