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Air Jordan XX8

The 28th iteration of the legendary Air Jordan sneaker has been revealed as the Air Jordan XX8— a futuristic new sneaker from Nike.  This convertible sneaker zips up above the ankle for an all-black basketball shoe, but opens to expose a bright fluorescent green interior for a little flash on the court.  As much a part of street fashion culture as it is a part of basketball iconography, the Air Jordan will likely see more action in the street than on the court.  These new Air Jordan XX8 sneakers are thereby designed to be a futuristic fashion statement, one step closer to hover boards and holographic movies.  Sure, that green centerpiece may be a bit too loud for some, but don’t be surprised if a shoe like this becomes the collector’s item of the future.  The brand, the design, the philosophy– it’s a street sneaker for the record books.

Air Jordan XX8 Gallery