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The Apartment House by Formwerkz Architects


Formwerkz Architects were challenged with a difficult task when designing the Apartment House in Seletar Close, Singapore.  The home was to be designed for one large family across three generations and to provide engaging, communal spaces as well as privacy for each individual within.  The result was two large, dynamic structures connected by a sky bridge and divided by a central pool below.  Across multiple levels, the home is comprised of several multi-purpose rooms, including working spaces, fun spaces, personal spaces and entertainment spaces for the entire family.

Formwerkz tackled this task by meeting with each individual who would live in this house and asking them about their needs, interests and design desires for the finished product.  One common element that Formwerkz discovered was swimming, which the architects used as a communal and separational element between the structures.  The large, L-shaped pool provides separation between each family’s space, but also acts as a point of leisure engagement for the families to come together.  Atop the parent’s wing of the house is a rooftop garden, accessible by a sky bridge that extends from the younger family’s section.

In total, Formwerkz’ design provides both the community and privacy the family requested in an unique, modern home.  While few may desire to live with their parents and children in one house, this design makes such living harmonious, peaceful, private and engaging at the same time.  [formwerkz via yatzer]




Apartment House by Formwerkz Architects Gallery