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Bowers & Wilkins Sound System Put the Show on the Road

There’s a fine contrast between live and recorded music.  There’s nothing like experiencing your favorite artist in person, but the sound quality is never the same as your own listening environment at home.  Bowers & Wilkins, the makers of fine home stereo systems, have created a system to bridge the gap between fine listening at home and great live experiences.  The new Bowers & Wilkins Sound System is the best of both worlds, the same level of B&W sound from a home environment but built for the stage.

The Bowers & Wilkins Sound System features four low-frequency enclosures with two 15-inch Rohacell composite drivers a piece.  Each of these four units includes a kevlar midrange driver and four Nautilus tube-loaded high frequency drivers.  Combined, that’s 28 speakers per channel for the four-stack cabinets that comprise the B&W Sound System.  It promises high-fidelity delivery of the sound of your choice, be it a DJ set or a full band on stage.

The Bowers & Wilkins Sound System will not be commercially produced for home systems, but much of the technologies in these units are available in the more accessible systems.  The 800-series diamond systems feature the same composite drivers as the Sound System model, making those a great alternative for home listening.  For the full set, keep your eyes (and ears) peeled for future concerts coming from Bowers & Wilkins and their partners at Boiler Room TV.

Bowers & Wilkins Sound System 1

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