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CR&S DUU Motorcycle Concept

cr s duu motorcycle concept 6 CR&S DUU Motorcycle Concept

This naked, grayscale street fighter has just been revealed to the world at the International Bike Show in Milan.  The CR&S DUU Motorcycle Concept is the latest by this Italian bike manufacturer, a “a sporty European rolling chassis powered by a muscular American big-twin.”  That muscle is provided by a 1.9L X-Wedge engine by S&S.  But it’s not so much the power of this motorcycle concept that has us hot and bothered, it’s the intimidating design aesthetic and all of its metal-bound glory.  If you’d like to get one of these in your stable, look for it late next year at the equally intimidating price of $30,000 USD.  [cr&s via autoblog]

cr s duu motorcycle concept 5 CR&S DUU Motorcycle Concept




CR&S DUU Motorcycle Concept Gallery

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