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    Ducati Monster 821 Motorcycle: a New Lightweight Powerhouse
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Ducati Monster 821 Motorcycle: a New Lightweight Powerhouse

How do you make a monster even more monstrous?  If you’re Ducati, you do it by perfecting an already-proven recipe.  The new Ducati Monster 821 Motorcycle is the latest of the Monster series of street bikes, a lightweight option for the urban speed demon.  While the new Monster is a bit more svelte than the alternative, this is a calculated decision by Ducati to make its power go the extra mile.

To describe the Ducati Monster 821 Motorcycle, Ducati emphasizes words like “essentials” and “minimal”.  The 821 eschews all added frills in design to keep the curb weight low so that the power-to-pound ratio is as high as it gets.  This allows Ducati to get the most out of this Monster’s 821cc twin cylinder Testrastretta 11° engine.  It produces 112hp at the throttle, a series level of force for a single rider.

By the time it arrives at World Ducati Week next month, the Ducati Monster 821 Motorcycle will be available for purchase at dealerships worldwide.  It’ll come in “Red and White Silk” or “Dark” colorways, the latter being a blacked out Duc’ that looks as devious as it is by design.  Both options will include an improved ergonomic layout, an LCD display for ride control and the Ducati Safety Pack for safe cruising.

The Ducati Monster 821 Motorcycle is a continuation of over 20 years of Monster-mark history.  It isn’t the strongest of the bunch, saving that title for the 1200 series, but it stands head and shoulders above the rest of the pack.  It provides plenty of power to put the rest of the motorcycling world in your rear view.

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