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KRE House Tokyo by Takuya Tsuchida

This house is truly a car lover’s dream.  The KRE House Tokyo by Takuya Tsuchida is a thing of beauty, a bright, sprawling modern home built with some progressive functionality for the autophile in you.  Below its relaxed, contemporary interior rests a nine car garage with an elevator lift that brings your favorite auto of the moment right into your living room.  In this case, that classic Lamborghini becomes the true centerpiece to this modern home, but the system provides enough flexibility to change that around on a whim.

While most of us don’t own nine cars, enough to necessitate an entire rack, the rest of the home remains meaningful.  The tiered ceiling structure and fresh interior is accented by tall, palm-like foliage that gives a sense of life to this bright modern home.  Takuya Tsuchida has outdone himself, this is a truly inspired work of interior design for the loft-loving autophile that can’t keep their passions in the garage…  [via materialicious]

KRE House Gallery