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Wooden Wonder House: Life Style Koubo “House in Itsuura”

A wooden wonder house rises above the rural environment of Japan’s Ibaraki Prefecture. “House in Itsuura” by Life Style Koubo is a single story home that is embedded into its sloping, tree-lined plot. Its angled form stretches out over the forest below, standing with a visual presence that blends natural and contemporary influences.

The House in Itsuura is a celebration of wood. Its structure, facade and interior architecture feature prominent wood construction throughout. Both of its raised volumes stretch out over interwoven wooden columns, features which are central to the home’s visual identity. The facade features horizontal slatted screens and varied, intermittent windows that create an interesting, progressive appearance. Together, these predominant wooden elements yield a vivid shape that feels like a product of the 21st century, but with materials that have been used in Japan for millenia.

The interior spaces of this project by Life Style Koubo are simple, but also secretive in parts. The interior walls are lined with horizontal wooden panels that repeat throughout most of the home. Each piece is only a few inches wide, which makes for a warm textural baseline for the home’s interior design. Within these wooden panels are hidden closets, storage areas and bedrooms. Press a specific panel in the right spot, and a door slides open to expose one of these hidden spaces.

House in Itsuura isn’t the first wood-focused project by Life Style Koubo, and it continues a rich architectural tradition of wooden construction in Japan. It’s a remarkable achievement, a wooden wonder house with an incredible view into the rural environment below.

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