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Marcus Beach House by BARK Design Architects


The Marcus Beach House by BARK Design Architects is a prime example of just how beautiful, sustainable and natural contemporary living can be.  Situated a few hundred meters from nearby Marcus Beach, this home rests on a sandy site with lush ferns, breezy palms and a 100-year-old Moreton Bay Ash as its centerpiece.  BARK Design Architects protected the sanctity of the property’s nature by not only leaving it alone, but making it the focal point of the home’s architecture.

The home is entirely open to its surrounding nature, where floor-to-ceiling glass windows, light-permeable ribbed walls and a natural wood structure house a habitat that is at once indoors and outdoors.  Its difficult to pinpoint where the interior ends and the exterior begins, especially with the tall canopy provided by the venerable ash tree above.  We salute the architectural vision of BARK, as the owner of this home has received a truly impressive piece of nature-focused architecture.  [BARK Design Architects via ArchDaily, photographs by Christopher Frederick Jones]






Marcus Beach House Gallery