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Paper Punk by Grace Hawthorne

Grace Hawthorne of ReadyMade fame has produced a new series of paper toys she has dubbed Paper Punk.  These colorful, sharp-edged little punks arrive in a series of pre-perforated sheets for you to construct your own, making you a part of the creative process.  You can fold the shapes together and build the toys to spec, or you can do a little inventing of your own and embellish the originals.

To start, the Paper Punk fold-your-own toys include three kits with more on their way.  Hawthorne is presently developing the project thanks to donations on Kickstarter and her own sweat and tears.  Check out her Kickstarter project page to donate– a $20 donation is a pre-order for one of the first three kits which are on their way to production.

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Paper Punk Gallery