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Renovated Mid-Century Pool House is a Luxury Getaway with Multiple Functions

Located in the garden of a large traditional house, this 1000 square-foot freestanding pool house has been transformed from a mid-century relic into a luxurious multifunctional home that fits perfectly with the 21st century. Masterminded by the Canadian design firm +tongtong, the pool house is now also a guesthouse, work studio, entertainment space, and events venue. With experience working on luxury guest suites and multifunctional spaces for hotel projects, the designers have really brought the space to life.

The space inside the house is split into two spaces by a large, freestanding monolith. On the public side there is IT and audio visual entertainment equipment. There is also an exotic table, designed by Tong, that showcases a geometric frame and exotic wood salvaged from the Panama Canal. Just by rotating the legs, it can also be transformed from a coffee table into a dinner table or work space. To connect the two spaces, there is a bright orange wall that houses various pieces from the client’s art collection.

On the other side of the monolith is a shower and toilet, both of which are enclosed with vibrant blue glass. The opposing wall features a custom Murphy bed with integrated side tables and full support for luggage and storage. There is even a built in microwave, mini-bar and coffee machine to ensure guests staying in the pool house get the full hotel experience. To ensure maximum privacy, the toilet has an electronic blackout blind, while trackless sliding doors close off the space entirely.

It might be multifunctional, but this pool house has plenty of form and fun built into it as well.

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