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19 Products To Stop Buying Immediately

It’s important to have things that work well, but sometimes a company wants you to get something you don’t need. True, these useless items might work well, but since you don’t need them to work at all, because they’re useless, then it’s still a waste of money to buy them. Though nearly everything serves a purpose, odds are pretty strong that you have more than a few items in your home that are taking away your funds while not enriching your life in the least.

Having items that solve problems you don’t actually have is a trick as old as marketing wherein a corporation devises a problem that no one has, then creates a costly solution that no one needs. While many of these items eventually fall away as we all recognize they do zero to enhance our existence, there’s several that stick around for generations, becoming part of the cultural landscape. So that you can stop wasting money and buying nonsense that is borne of lies and greed, we found 19 products you should never buy. Some are good, some are bad, all are pointless.

Air Fresheners

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A lot of needless chemicals go into air fresheners, and most of them are intended to do nothing but add synthetic scents to a room. Little bowls of vinegar or baking soda put into fabrics do a much better job of neutralizing odors, and a spray bottle full of lavender or rose water will give you a natural way to combat unwanted odors.


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There’s little benefit to slathering your face with “enhancements” that don’t actually make you look any more attractive, except maybe from afar. Littered with toxic items, if you simply can’t stop your face-fixing habit, at least aim to buy high-end products with fewer caustic ingredients, then take care of them. Also, use sparingly.

Window Cleaner

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A little vinegar and water works better at cleaning glass and removing streaks than anything you’re going to get in the cleanser aisle. It’s also more natural, helps reduce smells in the house, can be used around pets and kids without worry, and is far cheaper. An inexpensive spray bottle is all you need.

Immunity Boosters

via clevelandclinic.org

Taking Echinacea, oscillococcinum, Emergen-C, or anything else that claims it will reinforce your system against disease is generally so much snake oil. Sometimes they help. More often than not, they provide a handy placebo sensation commensurate with the price tag on the pills. Mostly, you’re better off staying in bed than trying to get help from these faux disease aids.


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Potpourri is nothing more than scents in a bag. Dry out flowers, or orange peels, or merely boil a pot with some essential oils and you’ll get the same effect as potpourri, all without the exorbitant cost of pre-made mixtures.

Locking Bags

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Ziploc is the most famous brand for this, but any bag that locks is a waste of money. If you must, use plastic food containers that can be reused instead of plastic that goes into a landfill, essentially taking your money with it. This can be tough if you have kids who don’t bring things home, but anything that can be cleaned is better than something disposable. That’s your cash that’s going in the garbage.

Color-Enhancing or Protective Shampoo

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Shampoos that claim to fix your flat hair, guard against split ends, or help maintain your color are all merely less effective as shampoos. Mostly, to clean your hair you should stick to some natural oils – olive and coconut are the most popular – and baking soda. Anything else is a few cleansers put with a lot of filler to convince you it’s doing something to your scalp.

Paper Plates

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You can either get a set of cheap plastic plates that can be used again and again, or you can head to the thrift store and spend a pittance on a whole plate set. You’ll spend about as much as you would on paper plates, won’t have to worry about throwing them out, have something you can actually eat on, and generally look like someone who has their life all put together.

Ricotta Cheese

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A little milk, lemon juice, and a pot is all it takes to make glorious Ricotta right at home, and it tastes many times better than anything you’ll get out of a plastic container. The next time you’re going to whip up some lasagna, do your own Ricotta and see if it doesn’t sing in new and fabulous ways.

Acne Cleansers

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If you have oily skin, you do want a cleanser that will help you, but that applies to most of them. All the foaming lies that go into most acne cleansers won’t help clear up your countenance at all. You should talk to a dermatologist, or at least get a prescription from your doctor to counteract the hormonal changes that actually cause acne. Cleansers don’t even really treat the symptoms.

Drain Cleaner

via met-plumbing.com

A little baking soda down the drain chased with some vinegar is as effective as any drain cleaner. Putting boiling water through your pipes will work as well. If you have standing water in a sink, tub, or basin, consider a drain snake rather than a chemical cleaner. Better for your pipes, cleaner on the wastewater, and less costly.

Pore Strips

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The whole point of pore strips is to make you feel like you’re cleaning out all the little pockets in your skin. These do that, but mere seconds later all the grime and oil and whatnot is going to be back. The problem is that people are gross and filthy, and all the cute little strips in the world don’t change that.

Anti-Aging Cream

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These won’t do anything. Maybe, maybe, maybe they’ll moisturize your skin with the hope of adding elasticity to it. Mostly, anti-aging anything is a lie that should be ignored.


via tfi.org

An expensive bag of fertilizer isn’t really going to save your garden. Some coffee grounds and maybe some compost are going to do far more for your plants than all the big bags at the greenhouse. You’re already throwing away the best fertilizer. Don’t go buy more.

Nonstick Cookware

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A cast iron pot or pan is vastly superior to the chemically-treated cooking object out there. Though they all claim to be the smoothest, what you get with non-stick stuff is a coating that can chip, sear, or taint your food. Learn how to season an iron pan, buy one for life, call it a day. It’s Miller Time.

Suntan Lotion

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Block the sun with real sunscreen or let it cook you, but don’t play around with tanning lotions. They rarely guard your skin, leaving you open to cancer, and typically don’t help with your tan. Learn about base tanning and learn to prevent melanoma rather than spending dollar bills here.

Cellulite Cream

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Cellulite is a curse that happens. If you have it, you’re stuck with it. All the creams in the world – and most diet and exercise programs – aren’t going to remove those dimples. It’s part of being human.

Paper Towels

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You’re better off getting a huge bag of bar rags or cleansing cloths, or even old t-shirts. Then, you can clean and wipe and wash, rather than discarding and buying again.

Alkaline Batteries

via yvsc.org

Investing in reusable batteries will save you money over time, will avoid trips to the store for more tossable batteries, makes for safer disposal, and provides you with greater control over your power. Having a pack of alkaline in your emergency supplies is fine. Using these in every remote and other bit of tech is nothing but a wild, wild waste.

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