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Rezvani Beast is SoCal’s Newest Supercar

A new American-made supercar approaches, the aggressively-styled Rezvani Beast Supercar.  This Southern California original comes from a collaboration between founder Fardees Rezvani and designer Samir Sadikhov, the latter of Ferrari Xezri and Aston Martin DBC fame.  Their newest project, the Rezvani Beast, is an open cockpit two-seater built onto the Ariel Atom platform.  Underneath this sharp, angular body is a proven chassis and drivetrain that makes the Beast perform as aggressively as it looks.

The Rezvani Beast is built on the aforementioned Ariel Atom platform, providing lightweight, high performance driving with smaller engine specifications.  The Beast is available in two iterations, the larger of which uses a turbocharged inline-4 that provides 500 horsepower underfoot.  Given the carbon fiber composite of the body construction (and the light and efficient Ariel chassis), 500 horses produces a whole lot of speed.  From a standing start, the Rezvani Beast will hit 60mph in just 2.7 seconds, making this new supercar a genuine challenger to some of the finest production automobile available today.

Unlike the other supercars on the market, the Rezvani Beast is surprisingly accessible.  Okay, maybe not for you and I, but the $100,000 starting price is reasonable compared to a McLaren or a Bugatti.  It’s an exciting boutique supercar, one that we hope to see on the street near us soon.

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