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Guns to Plowshares by Pedro Reyes

This is art on a truly biblical scale.  Mexican artist Pedro Reyes moved to make a social statement against the dangerous drug war being waged in Mexico, specifically the city of Culiacán with it’s high fatality rate from gun fire.  The Weapons to Plowshares project, or Palas por Pistolas en Espanol, worked to gather over 1,500 firearms from the local public.  This collection of handguns and high-powered rifles were steamrolled, smelted and refined to be born again as shovels for a new life to serve the public.  These 1,500 guns became plowshares where citizens across the city, in public parks and school yards, planted 1,500 trees to match the demands of death that the weapons before them left.  This act of art is a true act of peace that everyone, regardless of religion, cannot help but admire.  In our eyes, this is art that truly matters…

Weapons to Plowshares Gallery