By M. W. Byrne

11 Barely Used Cars That Have Had Their Prices Slashed

Every year there’s a flood of cars that land on the secondary market from years before. As leases run out and the overprivileged 1% who need even newer cars begin looking for a fresh way to waste their cash, used dealers end up with too many of certain makes and models.

To get these off their lot, they hack the prices down to the bone, giving buyers a chance to nab some real steals. Bargain hunters who want quality without the tag will find these 11 used cars fit the bill in every way possible.

Nissan Maxima

Called the “sporty 4-door” by Nissan itself, we’d call them out for lying if it wasn’t both fun to drive and roomy. The real appeal of the Maxima – aside from the paltry price – is the V6 that can really purr. 


BMW 5 and 3 Series

It’s far easier to find a discounted 3-Series than 5 because the 5-Series doesn’t have the same draw. It was made to compete with the E-Class from Mercedes-Benz, and it does that well, but a large sedan with the same engine choices as the much cheaper 3-Series hasn’t seemed to catch on.


Mercedes-Benz C and E Classes

Now labeled the “Executive” an E-Class is the perfect mix between the bigger S-Class and the quicker, smaller, C-Class. If smaller size and better gas mileage is your goal, the “Compact” C-Class will serve you better.


Cadillac ATS and CTS

The ATS build is aching to be a Beamer, with a fast body and agile handling that makes it a real pleasure to drive. Bigger, heavier, and made for families, the CTS is a good choice for a safe and moderately sporty sedan.


Ford Focus

The Focus is a quaint, reliable, durable, lovable small sedan. It started out decent and has climbed into rarefied air. Buyers who are considering a Toyota or Honda sedan should give the Focus a try.


Ford Fusion

Being able to find a wide variety for about half of what you’d pay to buy new, and the fact Fusions of a few years back have the same body as newer options help make this a good choice; should the Focus be too small or ugly for your liking.