By Catherine Nyorani

13 Best Survival Books to Get You Through Hell and Back

In search of the best survival books to enhance your skills for when SHTF? Stay on this page, as we’re reviewing 13 guides on prepping, outdoors, bushcraft, and more.

SAS Survival Guide | John “Lofty” Wiseman

Topics include inventing tools and weapons, first aid skills, hand-to-hand combat, and surviving extreme environments in every imaginable scenario. 


The Ultimate Survival Manual | Rich Johnson

He outlines 333 fundamental skills that can help you pull through the extremes that nature or life could throw at you.


How to Stay Alive in the Woods | Bradford Angier

A classic written in 1956, How to Stay Alive in the Woods contains timeless survival tricks that will make it almost impossible for you to starve in the wilderness.


Special Forces Survival Guide | Chris McNab

This survival guide is a compilation of survival tips from some of the most elite military troops in the world. 


The Survival Handbook | Colin Towell

Novices in this field will particularly appreciate this manual as it covers the basics unassumingly.


98.6 Degrees: The Art of Keeping Your Ass Alive | Cody Lundin

The author explores how you can maintain your body temperature whether in a blizzard or in the desert for your survival.


Your Survival | Dr. Bob Arnot & Mark Cohen

Intended as a survival guidebook for the home, it explains in well-outlined sections what to do before a disaster, when it occurs, and steps to be taken after the crisis.