By M. W. Byrne

20 Incredible 3D Tattoos to Inspire and Astound

Whether you’re looking for inspiration or just want to gawk, today we’ve got some of the best-executed 3D tattoos for you to check out.

Escher Hodgepodge

To kick things off, here’s a classic M.C. Escher-style tat that offers a little surreality, but doesn’t go too far afield. 


Geometric Shapes

Tattoos of this stripe – and spiral – are especially helpful for those who want to get creative ink, but aren’t wild about showing skin.


Characters Portraits

A 3D portrait tat of any character you adore is a way to broadcast what you’re into with a permanent homage. 


Classic Photo Realism

By getting a photographically shaded work, you can create a vintage sensibility above and beyond a sepia-toned filter.


Expanded Anatomy

Evoking the diagrams of Da Vinci’s canvas, these expanded anatomy tattoos really drive home the 3D effect. It’s a nice way to blur the line between realism and surrealism.


Pop-up Effect

These types of 3D tattoos begin as standard ink, then fade into startling realism as they seem to move up and out from the skin. It requires a particularly gifted artist to execute convincingly.


Second Skin

If you would like some scales, armor, or a nice geometric overlay to make you feel more at home in your skin, there’s a 3D tat for that. How much of your body and where is entirely up to your own sense of personal aesthetics.


Outer Space

3D tattoos depicting the deepest reaches of space represent the interwoven dichotomy that is relative reality–and provide a way for web writers to sound really pretentious.