By M. W. Byrne

28 Works of Junk Art That Will Blow Your Mind

One person’s trash is another one’s treasure, but more often than not, one person’s garbage is just another person’s garbage. Unless you know someone of a deeply creative mindset who is able to transform all that wasted junk into something glorious and transcendent.

From this wellspring comes 28 pieces of junk art that waste not, but leave us wanting more.

Gregory Euclide “Microcosmic World Park”

A theme park made wholly from litter that Euclide picked up in New York‘s Central Park, at a distance it’s impossible to discern that this seeming roller coaster is actually garbage that has been given new purpose as a playground of waste.


Adam Eckstrom and Lauren Was “Dream Home”

An entire dining room made from discarded lottery tickets, this is an ambitious piece that actually shows more than $70,000 in tickets, all of which are hopes discarded and money wasted on dreams of hitting the jackpot.


Nick Gentry “Elements of Existence”

Gentry uses a combination of natural artistic talent to use floppy disks as the canvas for his drawings.


Derek Gores “Empire State of Mind”

Derek has a huge collection of collages made of cut up magazines, advertisements, and found items, many of which render beautiful depictions that would dazzle the most glum collector, but there’s something special about adding in a pop-culture icon like Star Wars that shows a Warhol-esque attitude.


Tim Noble’s and Sue Webster’s “Shadow Sculptures”

Clearly painstaking, the rendering and message – we’re all made of junk – are poignant, thoughtful, and arresting.


Heather Jansch’S Driftwood Horses

Thrown out of art school for being a “poor” painter, Jansch makes sculptures that practically breathe.


Tom Deininger “Marilyn”

Norma Jean, AKA Marilyn Monroe has inspired artists since before her brief stint on this planet came to an abrupt end. As Marilyn was beauty that came from cruelty, so is this destruction reborn as elegance.