15 Wire SculpturesNothing Short ofAwesome 

By M.  W.  ByrneOct 4, 2021

the art of sculpting with wire

'Wishes Fairy' by Robert Wight

Inspired by a real-life encounter, this fantasy creator from Staffordshire, England has many fairy-based and mystical pieces.


‘Mona Lisa’ by Seung Mo Park

Able to capture the enigmatic smile as well as the chiaroscuro of Da Vinci’s masterpiece, no one can accuse this of being derivative.


‘Scorpion’ by Juan Ortiz

The insects of Juan Ortiz so strikingly capture the sense of menace that these deadly creatures carry.


‘The Kiss’ by Sophie Ryder

Most of Ryder’s works are grand in scale, intended to be experienced best in person, going from utterly ethereal to shockingly real.


‘Reclining nude’ by Richard Stainthorp

Stainthorp’s devotion to accurate anatomy captured in metal is capable of causing stirrings that can only be described as erotic.


‘Blue CJ750’ by Shi Jindian

It can be difficult to believe that this is not a virtual recreation, but the years of effort that went into painstakingly constructing the CJ750.


‘Scribble Sculptures’ by David Oliveira

Uncomfortable and reminiscent of the drawings made by Ralph Steadman, Oliveira brings manic sketches to life in a way that implies violence.


‘Under the Tree’ by Clyde Bango

All of the wires bent by Zimbabwean Clyde Bango have some autobiographical element to his time as a young boy laboring with his father.


‘Lady and Sheep’ by Helen Godfrey

Helen Godfrey was originally a paper mache artist who graduated to using the galvanized wire frames themselves as her work.


‘Male Lion’ by Kendra Haste

Disconcertingly life-like, right down to the predatory expression on the face, Haste has done something here that most highly skilled taxidermists could only dream of.


‘Basilica di Siponto’ by Edoardo Tresoldi

Built on the historic site of a now-destroyed church, hundreds of man-hours went into painstakingly remembering a house of God entirely in wire.


Clive Maddison’s Trees

Clive Maddison seems like a one-trick pony, but when that trick is creating such accurate representations of trees complete with roots, leaves, and branches, done in powerful miniature, then it’s worth celebrating.


‘augmented reality’ by Yong Won Song

A mix of welded wire and black thread, Yong Won Song attempts to use his art to explore the unconscious mind. A dark, surreal mix of grimness and play.


‘Listen time passes’ by Barbara Licha

Shadowy and abstract where many of her peers seek accuracy, there’s a sense of entrapment and discord in Listen time passes.