By M. W. Byrne

Fly Right with 16 of the Best Paper Airplane Designs

Come with us on a tree-killing spree, and put those TPS reports and expense ledgers to work entertaining your flights of fancy. Discover the 16 best paper airplane designs below for fun, flight, and inter-office betting.


Classics are that way for a reason, and the dart is as traditional as they come. Made for distance and simple to fold, there’s no need to overthink, underthink, or even really think at all.


Sea Glider

Instead of taking hours of training, you can whip up a serviceable gull in just a few minutes, only this one can survive an Alka-Seltzer attack without bursting.



Sharp and fast, The Concorde isn’t going to necessarily win many distance competitions, since it’s so streamlined, but it’s a nasty dogfighter that will take down any bogies that head into your airspace.


Tie Fighter

Perhaps not an exact replica of the Star Wars Tie Fighter, this is a respectable facsimile which has the basic design of the troublesome tie, and bears the same whirlygig acrobatic action that the short-range space-to-space combatants have.


Stunt Plane

The stunt plane has a dense build with wings that are easily manipulated to get a wide range of effects.


F-15 Eagle

Using the same aerodynamics that went into the actual F-15, without wasting billions like the government did, you can get a lot of distance and speed out of this design, and can tweak it for a few flips and turns if you so desire.


White Dove

Almost purely decorative, the White Dove is a handy accessory to craft mobiles for infants, or a cheap way to sorely disappoint your friends at their wedding.