By M. W. Byrne

Personal Cruise: 12 Pontoon Boats Perfect for Water Play

Floating along, straddling these two worlds, here’s the 12 best pontoon boats for partiers who want power in their play.

Harris Omni 160

Though the max 50 horsepower engine isn’t enough to give you a lot of power, the list of additional amenities allow you to outfit it to suit your personality.  MSRP: $14,000+


Sylvan Mirage Fish 820 4-PT

With seats for 9 people and torque for 90 horsepower, it’s the light middleweight champ for the smart angler.  MSRP: $18,000+


Premier Sunsation 270

Despite the size and upper floor, taking it out at max speed while doing hairy cut-away turns will only prove how solid it feels, rather than showing the flaws. MSRP: $32,000+


Bennington 2250 GSR

To start off, the 2250 GSR has a patio lounge quality to its pillow-topped seats and soft upholstery that invite you to sit down and maybe take a nap. MSRP: $37,000+


Tahoe Vista Funship​

Tack on the upper deck with waterslide for the mewling brood, a standard tow bar, optional live well, grill, fridge, and wine rack, and you’re ready to set sail. MSRP: $42,000+


SunChaser Eclipse 8523 LR DH​

The wide transom will accommodate swimmers with ease, and broad seating under the 10-foot Bimini lets the lazy rest in peace.  MSRP: $44,000+