By Alexandru Ion

October 4, 2021

The Nuclear-powered Gygayacht That Wants to Tackle Climate Change

Singapore-based Aaron Olivera wants to create a collaborative, next-generation platform for state-of-the-art science at sea.

Earth 300's preliminary design is sleek and bold. It has a striking 13-story sphere housing 22 cutting-edge laboratories with 160 of the world’s leading scientists.

one hundred percent emission free.

The Molten Salt Reactor is a new generation of atomic energy that’s safe, sustainable and

Length: 300 metresWidth: 46 metresHeight: 60 metres

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22 Laboratories20 VIP Cabins160 Scientists20 Experts-in-Residence20 Students40 VIP Guests165 Crew

Powered by a new quantum computer that employs the properties of quantum mechanics.

"This ship will be a floating computer which will allow people from all around the world to participate in the journey. That means that these wealthy individuals who are coming on board will have to share the experience with the world, not just among themselves," says Olivera.

Prime suspects on board of Earth 300 are Elon Musk, Greta Thunberg, Michelle Obama.

Wealthy guests will get to occupy the ship's 20 VIP suites. The cost is just over $1 million per person and will be used to fund the science.

"The reason we're building a ship is that climate change is a global problem, so it needs a global vehicle," says Olivera.

EARTH 300 will cost a whopping $700M to build. The ship's preliminary design and naval engineering have been completed

"I think 2025 is possible for us. It's just a question of the chips falling into place in the next six months or so, once we have the funding package in place," says Olivera.