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Xafix House by Arkylab is a Contemporary Concrete Hideaway

Xafix House by Arkylab looks more like a concrete bunker than it does a residential property, but it’s cold exterior hides a warm and welcoming labyrinth of rooms within. The house has been split into three levels to accommodate the family of four; one for social activities on the ground floor, an upper level for rooms and services, and rooftop terrace which doubles as a work studio and relaxation area. Keep reading to see how exposed concrete panels mix with natural wood and marble to create unique dynamic between hot and cold design elements.

The approach taken by architects to build the house was to first install polystyrene panel walls, and then cover them with cast-in-place concrete plates. Not only does this provide ideal thermal and acoustic conditions without the use of climate control systems, but it also makes the concrete a key part of the design. Ambient light is a defining feature throughout the house, adding color to many of the rooms, and acting as a bridge between the cold aesthetic of concrete and the warm wooden accents throughout.

While many of the rooms rely on artificial light, an impressive glass corridor cut through the building allows light to reach deep into the house, and helps to alleviate any claustrophobic feeling created by the concrete walls. A garden shielded from the outside world, also helps to create a connection with nature while maintaining privacy. Should all else fail, the rooftop terrance offers views of the nearby Aguascalientes city to the east, and stunning sunsets in the west.

[photography by Oscar Hernández]

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