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Alaa Wardi Acapella Orchestrations

Close your eyes, and you might think the orchestrations of recording artist Alaa Wardi are instrumentally complex.  Watch any of his videos, and you’ll see each part played out with nothing more than the voice and body parts of this creative musician.  Wardi has released a series of virally-potent youtube videos of songs he’s recorded.  He captures video while recording each part, exposing the playful nature of this inventive artist.  Alaa Wardi recently released the video above, titled “Shalamonti Fel7al”, easily his most expressive and well-polished production yet.  Fans of Wardi, like us, might remember the cover below.  In all, you’ll want to head to Alaa Wardi’s Youtube Channel to experience more of this rare talent. [h/t to notcot for sharing Wardi’s latest video]

“Fi Hagat” (Cover) – Nancy Ajram