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What Are Angel Numbers? (And Why You Keep Seeing Them)

Angel numbers are messages sent from your guardian angel. We cannot understand the true angel language (often called Enochian), so angels use numbers to send messages to the souls they watch over. These angel numbers come in the form of numerical sequences noticed repeatedly over a short period of time. Perhaps you keep looking at the clock, and it always seems to say the same time, or maybe you keep seeing repeating sequences in phone numbers, license plates, or ZIP codes. Regardless of how they appear, seeing repeating numbers is rarely a coincidence.

Angel Numbers

The appearance of angel numbers is usually a good omen. However, the meaning of the different angel numbers is not just unique to the number but also to the individual. These Divine messages typically point toward a positive change in fortune, a new beginning, or a foreshadowing of a change in attitude. These numbers are prophecies that can apply to one or many areas of your life.

Many people may think that angel numbers communicate a guaranteed outcome. However, the truth is that angel numbers are a sign that you are doing things right and should be seen as motivation to keep pushing. Recognizing the signs when these spiritual numbers appear is one thing, but the onus is on you to take action and see everything through to fruition.

Why do I keep seeing angel numbers?

You keep seeing angel numbers for either of the four reasons listed below. 

  • You’re receiving a message: Your guardian angels are attempting to get your attention and communicate an important message by showing you a specific number sequence. The meaning of each sequence will differ somewhat among recipients, but generally, seeing angel numbers is a signal calling for you to keep the faith, knuckle down, and keep working hard. The more frequently you see an angel number sequence, the harder your angels are trying to connect with you.
  • You’re getting a spiritual boost: Seeing an angel number can be that spiritual boost you need to keep going. Perhaps you have been battling recently, life isn’t easy, and sometimes, the energy it takes to keep trying can run low. The angel number is a signal from the Universe that your efforts have not been in vain and that good times are coming.
  • Your twin flame reunion is near: Repeated sightings of an angel number can portend an upcoming twin flame reunion. If you haven’t reunited with your twin flame yet, seeing an angel number over and over is the Universe’s sign to open your heart and wait patiently for your twin flame to appear.
  • You’re looking for repeated numbers: Your mind may be subconsciously seeking out the numbers you keep seeing. If you take note of a particular number sequence, your mind may cause you to notice it more often, in a cognitive process known as frequency bias. For instance, if you keep on seeing “222” on your clock every day, you’re not seeing the number more frequently — you’re just paying more attention and subconsciously waiting for the number to appear.

How do I find my angel number?

To find your angel number, you can use two different approaches, which will more than likely result in different numbers. Below are the two distinct ways you can use to find the angel number that’s linked to you.

  • Through your date of birth: To find your angel number via your date of birth, you must write down your date of birth using the dd/mm/yyyy format. Next, add up the numbers to get the total. Then separate the total into individual numbers and add them together. This gives you the angel number attached to your date of birth.
  • Through your name: To find your angel number through your name, you need to follow a similar process. First, write down your full name. Each letter has a corresponding number based on its position in the alphabet, with A equal to one and Z equal to twenty-six. Next, sum up the total value of your name. Separate the total into individual numbers and then total those numbers together. This gives you the angel number attached to your name.

What are the angel number meanings?

Angel numbers all have a specific meaning attached to them. The significance of their message will vary based on who is receiving the message and the stage they are at in their lives.

Below you will learn the base meaning of 55 angel numbers and how they could apply to your life.


Angel number 111 is a triple repeat of the key angel number 1. Number 1 means a new beginning or a fresh start, and seeing the number 1 in triplicate amplifies the importance of the number. As a number in its own right, 111 is both a sign of a new beginning and a symbol of Divine guidance helping direct you to the correct path.


Angel number 222 is a message of trust and unity. By sending you the angel number 222, your guardian angels are telling you that you are doing everything right. If times are hard or things are not going your way, 222 is your signal to stay the course. While it might not seem like it, everything in your life is precisely where it needs to be, and that is what the angels are telling you by showing 222. So, have faith and trust that everything will turn out all right in the end.


Angel number 333 is a powerful message that foretells growth. The guardian angels are showing you 333 to confirm that you are on the right path and that an opportunity for growth is coming. The growth could be spiritual, professional, or even growth in your family. Because 333 is a triplet of the number 3, it is thought to bring more power than other angel numbers.


Angel number 444 is a special number with several meanings that all point towards growth and adopting a positive approach to what you do. Seeing 444 is a message from the angels that you need to remain positive and stay open to the possibility of new experiences. A positive mindset means you will embrace opportunities when they come your way.


Angel number 555 is a signal from the heavens that now is the time to make a change. Seeing 555 is the angels’ message that now is the best time to push ahead with any changes you have been considering. The number 5 has a lot of biblical significance, and seeing 5s in triplicate further indicates that you should put your trust and faith in what lies ahead.


Angel number 666 is a divine message that foretells positive improvements in your life. Despite the demonic associations with the number 666, you should regard it as a friendly and positive message advising you to make a healthy change. The true meaning of seeing the 666 angel number is a reminder that you need to keep your focus or make some positive changes to your life to achieve your goals. Angels can help guide you towards making the right changes by tying their 666 message to specific locations, such as work or home.


Seeing angel number 777 is a sign from your guardian angels that you are doing everything right. The triple sevens are a bold statement that means you are on the right path and doing the right things. 777 also talks of a spiritual awakening that will help you attain the goals you have set yourself. The number 7 points towards an influx of positive energy, and when seen in triplicate, this positive energy is intensified. If you’re seeing 777, keep doing what you have been doing, and great things will happen.


Angel number 888 is a sign of abundance. If the Universe is sending you angel number 888, it’s advising you that an abundance of good fortune is coming your way. What’s interesting about the 888 angel number is that the message it gives is one of reciprocation. By showing you triple 8s, the Divine is asking you to open your heart and be there for those that need it, and your generosity will be rewarded.


Angel number 999 is an exciting number and a message from the heavens signalling new beginnings and a need to embrace altruism. If 888 keeps reappearing in your waking life, try to help others and forgive those who have wronged you. Your newfound grace will give you the freedom to accept the new start coming your way.


Seeing angel number 000 is a sign that God is watching over you. A reappearing triple sequence of zeroes is a message telling you to focus on strengthening you spiritual connection with the world, as God himself is watching over you. Seeing triple 0 is a reminder that you have all the talent you need to succeed, and that you need to believe in yourself. 0 is a number with no end, and represents infinity. Three zeros is a message telling you that there are no limits on what you can achieve as long as you keep your faith in God and yourself.


Seeing the 123 angel number indicates that you should explore new opportunities and creative endeavors. If you keep seeing the 123 angel number, don’t ignore its purpose in your life. Instead, use 123 as a reminder to focus on your dreams and desire. The 123 angel number can impact your love life, twin flame relationships, career, and more. How angel number 123 affects your life depends on how you receive the different angel number messages.


The 234 angel number indicates a need to live your life to the fullest. Angel number 234 can appear on clocks, receipts, or phone numbers. Seeing the 234 angel number is an opportunity to be proactive in improving your life. Don’t ignore your 234 angel number message. Instead, learn how 234 can impact money, manifestation, love, and more.


If the angels send you the number 1111, you can breathe easily — it’s a sign that great things are coming. The number 1 means new beginnings, and the number 11 is a master number that represents spiritual awakening. In addition, angel number 1111 is a double master number and, as such, is one of the most powerful angel numbers. 1111 is a sign that you must look inwards, strengthen your spiritual connections, and believe in yourself. Focus on yourself, and doors will open for you to attain your goals.


Angel number 2222 is a message sent by your guardian angels to let you know that everything is coming together. 2222 is a number that talks of balance and harmony. By sending you the 2222 angel number, the heavens are telling you to keep doing what you’re doing — everything is going according to plan and on schedule. Keep focused, look after yourself, and everything you have been working for will happen soon. Angel number 2222 is another double master number, and its powerful energy should put you in a very positive frame of mind.


By sending you angel number 3333, your guardian spirits are telling you that it’s time to work on your communication and open your life up to others. The number 3333 signifies that the angels have your back and that positive changes are coming. To find the full meaning behind 3333, you must communicate with others and reach out for help if things have been particularly tough.


Seeing angel number 4444 is a sign from your guardian angels that now is the time to double down on your efforts. Everything you have been working for is coming, and by sending you the 4444 angel number, the heavens are urging you to give it one last big push. 4444 is another double master number, meaning the meaning behind the number is amplified.


Angel number 5555 is a powerful number that tells you to prepare and be ready. 5555 means you are doing everything right, but one final change is coming and it will see you achieve everything you have been chasing. The quadruple appearance of a single number amplifies the strength of its message. So, seeing the 5555 angel number is a strong sign that your hard work is about to pay off.


Seeing angel number 6666 is a sign from the heavens that you must refocus and stay strong, and you will likely see it when you’re feeling lost. The guardian spirits are telling you with 6666 that you are on the right path, and while it might not feel like it, you are making progress. So, weather the storm, double down on yourself, and focus on what is really important. Ignore the distractions and keep fighting because you are almost where you need to be.


The angel number 7777 is a number that signifies luck and is full of promise. Many people feel that 7 is a lucky number as it is, but you must not ignore it when it’s sent in the quadruple form. When the angels send you the 7777 angel number, they are telling you that it is time to let go of your emotions, baggage, and look forward — luck is on your side.


Angel number 8888 is sent as a reminder that you are in control of your life. If you’re feeling lost or your life has become disorganized, seeing 8888 tells you that you alone have the power to regain control. Nobody will pick you up and put you in a better place, so you must take responsibility for your actions and be the power that drives a positive change. You are close to achieving your goals, and angel number 8888 is the Universe’s way of telling you that now is the time to take control of the final charge.


If you see angel number 9999 everywhere you turn, take it as gentle reminder that you should not forget about those closest to you. 9999 is a sign of compassion and enlightenment, so when you see it, the angels are telling you that someone close to you needs your help. And remember, opening your heart and mind to the welfare of others also opens your world up to new experiences and opportunities for change and growth.


If the Universe shows you the 1234 angel number throughout the day, it signifies that great things are coming your way. Each number in the “1234” sequence portends a new beginning and a harmonious spiritual awakening. Combined, the angel number 1234 is a message to cast off your apprehensions and take a leap of faith to start fresh and chase your goals anew. If you suddenly see the number 1234 everywhere you turn, it means a new opportunity is coming, and you should trust that taking a chance is the right thing to do.


Seeing angel number 911 signifies that one phase of your life is ending, and a new one is about to start. 911 is a positive number that tells you that you are doing everything right and that growth is just around the corner. And don’t worry — contrary to popular belief, the 911 angel number has nothing to do with emergencies or accidents.


The 711 angel number is a message from your guardian angels that you should let go of your existential baggage and focus on the future. The weight we carry on our shoulders can build up over time and stop us from achieving our goals, even if we’re on the right path. When the angels send you the number 711, it is a signal to let go of the past that is blinding your vision of the future — only then will you achieve the goals you are chasing.


Angel number 212 is a special number that talks of optimism and positive energy and seeing 212 means you have to trust your instincts. Opportunities can come from any direction, and if you believe in your abilities and it feels like the right thing to do, 212 tells you to grab the chance with both hands.


If you’re seeing the 313 angel number, your guardians are telling you that you are close to achieving your goals, and they have your back. However, you might need a change of perspective if you want to succeed. Angel number 313 is a reminder that sometimes all it takes is a slight change in your outlook or approach to a familiar situation to set you on a fresh path toward success.


Angel number 414 tells you that your angels are watching over you, and as long as you approach the next crossroads in life full of confidence, you will succeed. A decision is on the horizon, and the number 414 tells you to be bold and confident in your decision, and stick to your guns once you have made it. Self-doubt creeps up quickly and can derail any journey, and with 414, your angels are warning you to not succumb to self-doubt.


Seeing the 515 angel number means your guardian angels are warning you of change in your life. Angel number 515 is a positive message that encourages you to maintain a healthy perspective on life. The 515 angel number can affect your love life, spiritual journey, and twin flame connection. Discover more about the 515 angel number and use its guardian angel message to your benefit.


Angel number 717 is a highly spiritual number and your guardian angel’s way of telling you that you are doing everything right. While it may not always feel like it, you are on the correct spiritual path. Seeing 717 is a message to keep your belief and faith in yourself. You are doing the work you were sent to earth for; your spiritual journey has you precisely where you need to be. So, if 717 starts appearing in your life, stay alert and remain focused because spiritual enlightenment is not far away.


Seeing the 818 angel number is a message from your guardian angels to prepare you for new beginnings. The 818 angel number offers you a chance to ready yourself for whatever new experiences the future holds. Deciphering the hidden meaning of an angel number message requires focus. If you see angel number 818, don’t disregard the impact it could have on your life. Use the 818 angel number to approach new opportunities and challenges with confidence, and continue on your path to spiritual enlightenment.


Seeing the 919 angel number means your life is heading in a new direction and you should prepare to step out of your comfort zone. The 919 angel number is a powerful symbol of transformation. Frequently seeing 919 means you’re ready to experience those changes. Angel number 919 can affect your love life, twin flame connections, and spiritual journey. Don’t ignore the 919 angel number message and learn how to become a more fulfilled version of yourself.


The 101 angel number is a positive message from your guardian angels urging you to take control of your life. Seeing the 101 angel number means it’s time to turn your focus inward and maintain the necessary motivation to accomplish your goals. Your guardian angels can send you 101 messages through phone numbers, binary codes, price tags, or any numerical sequence. If you keep seeing the 101 angel number, use its positive message to grow and prosper throughout life.


Angel number 202 means you’re on the right path even if it feels like you’re stepping out of your comfort zone. The 202 angel number is a sign from your guardian angels that you should trust the spiritual growth process. 202 can relate to your love life, spirituality, twin flame relationship, and more. Find out why you keep seeing the 202 angel number and what it means in different areas of your life.


The 505 angel number signifies life-altering decisions and a positive transformation. Seeing the 505 angel number means now is the time to familiarize yourself with your true desires and choose positive thoughts over negative thoughts. Your guardian angels send 505 to encourage you to grow and prosper through life’s many changes. Don’t ignore the 505 angel number message. Instead, use 505 to achieve success and fulfillment.


The 606 angel number is an important message from the universe. If you keep seeing the 606 number it means you’ll have a chance to experience spiritual enlightenment. The universe sends the 606 angel number to help prepare you for your journey. Angel number 606 is an indicator that you’re on the right path and need to continue following your goals.


The 707 angel number signifies personal growth and spiritual awakening. If you keep seeing the 707 angel number, your guardian angels are alerting you of opportunities to develop your spiritual identity. The 707 angel number can appear frequently, such as twice daily at 7:07, within a phone number, or mailing code. Angel number 707 can be a powerful tool, use it as a chance to focus on self-improvement, and take comfort in your guardian angel’s encouragement.


Angel number 808 carries several meanings, and while the general meaning is one of stability, the double 8 points towards financial security. When turned on its side, the number eight represents infinity, which also refers to financial stability and independence. The double eight in angel number 808 is a message from the angels telling you that your financial position will change for the better. Seeing angel number 808 is a positive sign, but it is also a reminder that you need to keep pushing and working hard to reap the benefit of your angel message.


Angel number 909 means you need to seek balance and embrace selflessness. Your guardian angels are calling on you to spread kindness and compassion through the 909 number. By using 909 to be more selfless, you are able to inspire others to do the same. If you see 909 and refocus your thoughts to maintain an optimistic outlook on life, you’ll be one step closer to a more fulfilling existence.


Angel number 1001 is a sign that you need to start working on personal development. Seeing the 1001 angel number is an opportunity to make a conscious effort to become the person you want to be. The 1001 angel number can affect twin flames, love, and your career. Find out what to do if you keep seeing the 1001 angel number.


The 1010 angel number is a message that positive change is coming. The numbers 1 and 0 represent new beginnings and potential. When the angels send you the 1010 number, they tell you that good things are coming your way. The double presence of 1 and 0 tells you that new opportunities are on the horizon, and you have the ability to conquer them all. Any change can be daunting, but by sending 1010, the angels are reassuring you that you can handle it all.


Angel number 1122 is a symbol of risk versus reward. By sending you the 1122 message, the angels are confirming that positive things are in your future. However, angel number 1122 also tells of risk and obstacles, and reminds you that nothing good is handed out for free. Obstacles will come your way, but you have the fortitude to withstand the challenge. The angels ask you to have faith and reap the rewards from taking a risk at the right time.


Positivity and optimism are the messages behind the 1133 angel number. If you’re seeing 1133, it means that good things are coming, and you are well positioned to welcome them into your life. However, the 1133 angel number does not mean you can rest on your laurels. Instead, 1133 signifies that you should remain upbeat and optimistic about your future. The angels have your journey on their radar and are with you. So, stay focused and keep pushing.


The 1144 angel number reminds you of your faith and help you steer your spiritual journey back onto the desired course. When you start seeing 1144 throughout your day, it is a sign — you have been lost, but in finding yourself and your spiritual pathway all over again, you are close to discovering your life’s true purpose.


Angel number 1155 is a message from your guardian angels reminding you that you’re on the right path. You could see the 1155 angel number by chance or because you actively seek it out. Regardless of how angel number 1155 appears, the positive message remains the same. Angel number 1155 can be used to improve your outlook on life and help you focus on your goals. Apply the 1155 angel number message to your life and continue on your spiritual journey.


Angel number 1212 is a sign to leave your worries behind because you’re on the right path. Your guardian angels send you the 1212 angel number as encouragement. By recognizing the 1212 angel number, you can use it to practice manifestation and other forms of self-improvement. Although 1212 has a positive meaning and encourages growth, the responsibility to progress in life lies upon you. Be proactive in your quest to grow spiritually, and use the 1212 angel number message to keep going.


Seeing the 1313 angel number is a sign that the universe is encouraging you to grow in life. The 1313 angel number means you have a chance to start again and become your true self. You can use the 1313 angel number message to manifest the life you want through the power of positivity. Learn what to do if you keep seeing the 1313 angel number and be ready to embrace changes in life.


The 1414 angel number means obstacles and challenges will lead to new beginnings. Seeing 1414 is an auspicious sign that your life is heading in the right direction. Your guardian angels are sending 1414 as a reminder that you can manifest the reality you desire. Discover more of the 1414 angel number secrets and learn how to use angel numbers to grow on your spiritual journey.


Angel number 1515 is a message that encourages gratitude and new beginnings. The 1515 angel number is a way for the universe to alert you to opportunities to help you improve your life. Seeing the 1515 angel number can have a positive impact on your life if you choose to embrace the potential changes. Find out more about the 1515 angel number hidden messages, what it means in numerology, and more.


Seeing the 1616 angel number means you need to maintain a positive attitude. The 1616 angel number should be used as a reminder to rid your mind of negative thoughts and only focus on positive thoughts. Your guardian angels send the number 1616 as a way to guide you through life. If you keep seeing 1616, it’s up to you to apply the angel number message to your life.


Angel number 1717 is a message from your guardian angels reminding you to be independent and determined. If you keep seeing the 1717 angel number, you need to focus on your goals and work towards what you want most. Use the 1717 angel number as motivation to manifest your dreams and make a positive change in your life. Discover the different ways 1717 can impact your love life, the twin flame connection, and more.


The 1818 angel number signifies spiritual growth and prosperity. Your guardian angels use 1818 to send messages in various repeating number sequences such as prices, dates, or addresses. Seeing 1818 is a chance to prepare yourself for new experiences coming your way. Learn more about the 1818 angel number and how you can use its appearance to prosper.


Angel number 1919 means you need to stop doubting yourself and focus on your goals. Seeing the 1919 angel number is a sign that you’ll have a chance to shift into a new chapter of your life. If you’re working toward a goal, the 1919 angel number can serve as a guidepost to help you maintain balance on your journey. Discover the other 1919 angel number messages and learn how they can affect your life.


The 1221 angel number is a reminder never to give up because your hard work will pay off soon. Angel number 1221 should be used as self-motivation to cultivate harmony in your spiritual life and relationships. You might see angel number 1221 in an address, at 12:21 on a clock, or in a phone number. Regardless of how 1221 appears in your life, the positive message stays the same. Discover how to use 1221 to grow into your true self and explore new depths of your spiritual journey.


Angel number 1222 talks about aligning your inner self and your life journey and is a message of impending change. This change will be the result of your inner and outer selves aligning. The number 22 is a master number and one that is rousing and full of motivational intent. When appearing as part of the 1222 angel number, it talks of having the motivation to let go of negative energy. When you loosen the hold of negativity, your inner self can find its balance, and you will be well positioned to capitalize on the opportunities coming your way.


The 2121 angel number symbolizes growth, change, and harmony. Number sequences like 2121 are powerful because of their repetition. If you see the repeating number 2121, it could be time to embrace change, grow mentally, or make a life plan. Discover the 2121 number meaning in numerology, spirituality, and the Bible, then use its message to progress in life.