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What Is My Angel Number? (Calculator)

Your angel number is a number your angels assign you at birth that serves as a means of communication between you and the celestial realm. Everyone has an angel number that reveals secrets about their purpose, potential, and karmic wounds.

How to Calculate My Angel Number
Your angel number is a numeric code calculated from your name or birthday, which reveals your connection with the spiritual realm.

Your special angel number sequence illuminates areas of life where you can carve a deeper purpose and untapped potential. You can determine your angel number either by calculating your birth date or your name. Each set of numbers provides insight into your strengths, weaknesses, and life purpose.

Angel number calculator (birthday)

Find your angel number by inputting your birth month, day, and year below.
(MM DD YYYY format)

You’ll find that your angel number frequently stands out to you as if your intuition is pulling you toward your number. You have to trust that your intuition will guide you while you analyze your experiences and the different situations in which you see your angel number. Angel numbers can appear anywhere at home or in public, either on billboards, receipts, clocks, or transport. Your angel number will stand out to you among the mundane but you’ll have to determine if your number is sending you a specific message.

Below, we clarify how to find your angel number sequence and explain what your angel number means.

How do you find your angel number?

There are two main ways to find your angel number. Firstly, you can find your angel number by calculating it from your birthday. You simply add all the digits in your birthdate, birth month, and birth year and then reduce double digits to a single number by adding them together. For example, a birthday angel number for someone born on 03/07/1997 is 36 or 9. The angel number equation for a 03/07/1997 birthday is as follows.

0 + 3 + 0 + 7 + 1 + 9 + 9 + 7= 36
3 + 6 = 9

Secondly, you can find your angel number by calculating the numerical value of your name. Your name angel number requires you to assign each letter of the alphabet a number starting with 1 for the letter A and 26 for the letter Z. For example, the name “Jane Doe” has an angel number value of 9 or 54. The equation for Jane Doe’s name angel number is as follows.

10 + 1 + 14 + 5 + 4 + 15 + 5 = 54
5 + 4 = 9

Finding your angel number requires channeling your inner voice to discern the proper numerical sequences to look to for guidance. Each separate process of finding your angel number will give you further insight into your purpose, destiny and personality.

What is my birthday angel number?

Your birthday angel number is the number your angels assign you at the time of your birth. A birthday angel number is calculated by your birthdate, birth month, and birth year. Angel numbers based on a birthday delineates and influences different personality traits and impacts the world’s perception of you. A birthday number is the special method your angels use to communicate with you throughout your life to guide you on how to manage challenging situations by using the frequency of the numbers. For example, people are compassionate, sensitive, and altruistic if they have an angel number 9. Subsequently seeing the number 9 at the grocery store could be an alert that your angels are encouraging you to buy the ingredients to make a loved one something special and feed your own love and adoration in the process. Your birthday angel number signals spiritual healing and the release of karmic debt. The more you lean into the positive attributes of your angel number, the more fulfilling your life becomes. Remember, your birthday angel number can reduce to a single digit, or first appear in double digits, triples, or quadruples.

Angel number calculator (birthday)

Find your angel number by inputting your birth month, day, and year below.
(MM DD YYYY format)

What is my name angel number?

Your name angel number is the number your angels give you based on your full name. Each letter of the alphabet coincides with a number, with A equating to the letter 1 and Z equating to 26. Calculating your angel number by name will produce a different number from your birthdate angel number. Your name number will shed light on your legacy and the spiritual impact you leave behind. For example, people with a name angel number of 4 are stable forces in the lives of their loved ones who are dedicated to supporting higher causes. Someone with a name number of 4 who sees the number while at balancing their finances could choose to set aside a portion of their savings for charity efforts instead of selfish expenses. The dedication of number 4 shows you how you can utilize the innate gifts of your special angel number for self-development across your lifespan to reach your fullest potential.

Angel number calculator (name)

Find your angel number by inputting your full name below.

What is my angel number (and what does it mean)?

Your angel number is a sequence of digits based on the combined digits of your birthday or your name. Every angel number holds spiritual significance and conveys a message from the divine realm. Your angel number can be either a single, double, triple, or quadruple digit number. Moreover, your angel numbers are commonly associated with angelic guidance and will appear repeatedly in various forms, such as on license plates, clocks, or phone numbers. 

Below are the meanings of the fundamental angel numbers and their permutations.

  • Angel number 1: Angel number 1 means you are adept at manifesting new possibilities to grow along your spiritual journey. The number 1’s angel number message resonates in the repeating 111 angel number through self-determination and the necessary creativity you need to manifest an ideal reality.
  • Angel number 2: Angel number 2 means you are naturally trusting or people find you to be trustworthy. The number 2 represents harmony and balance between two separate elements. Similarly, angel number 222 carries the number 2 message of balance, but amplified.
  • Angel number 3: Angel number 3 represents the creativity you should utilize to contribute to the world around you. The number 3 message influences the 333 angel number by encouraging recipients to step out of their comfort zone and express themselves creatively.
  • Angel number 4: Angel number 4 means you dedication is consistent and people perceive you as a stable foundation and a good support system. The number 4 message of stability is present in the 444 angel number due to its message to endure challenges in life until a balance is reached.
  • Angel number 5: Angel number 5 means you are naturally dynamic and looking for a change. The number 5 angel message echoes through the 555 angel number because of the clarity experiences from an upcoming transformation.
  • Angel number 6: Angel number 6 indicates kindness and empathy are defining traits that will strengthen your spiritual journey. The 666 angel number amplifies the positive message of number 6 by representing positive change and harmony.
  • Angel number 7: Angel number 7 symbolizes luck being present in your corner if you learn to step out of your comfort zone more often. Number 7 angel message is seen in the repeating 777 angel number message which conveys a sense of urgency to persevere in your creative approach to connecting with the spirit realm.
  • Angel number 8: Angel number 8 represents a heightened sense of intuition and a strong connection between the spiritual and physical realms. The number 8 impacts the 888 angel number message by encouraging you to use your gut instincts to guide your decision making which results in abundance and spiritual growth.
  • Angel number 9: Angel number 9 means birth and renewal are common themes in your life. The number 9 represents the ever-changing and evolving cycle of life. The 999 angel number further exhibits the transformative power of 9 through new beginnings and self-improvement.

How to know if a number is an angel number?

There are three ways to know if a number is an angel number.

  • Assess how often you see a number: Assessing the frequency of a number will help you know if you’re seeing your angel number by happenstance or for a deeper reason.
  • Trust your intuition: Trusting your intuition will determine if a number is truly an angel number by guiding you to choose between the different types of angel numbers, such as birthday or name.
  • Analyze your experiences with a number: Analyzing your experiences with a number helps you know if a number is your angel number by emphasizing the situational elements of an angel number sighting.

Assess how often you see a number

Assessing how often you see a number will help you know if it is an angel number. Seeing a repeating sequence of up to four numbers indicates that your angels are purveying a specific message. Moreover, a number that frequently appears is a sign that it stands out for a reason. Angel numbers will pull at your subconscious and lead you to question why you keep seeing the alluring numbers. You know that you a number is an angel number if you continue to see it throughout your day-to-day life.

Trust your intuition

Trust your intuition to determine if a number is an angel number. You’ll know that a number is an angel number based on your gut instincts. Your intuitive impulses are attuned to the vibrational output of every living object, and the vibrational energy of angel numbers. Therefore, you can discern whether or not your angel number encounter is based on your name or birthday with how strongly it resonates with you.

Analyze your experiences with a number

Analyzing your experiences with a number helps you know if a number is an angel number. Having strong emotional experiences with certain numbers means it’s highly probable you’ve encountered an angel number. Oftentimes, angel numbers reflect your feelings and sensations because you respond to the energy around you. Your angels know that your emotions are some of the most powerful energetic forces in your 3D reality. Therefore, your angels communicate through numbers to help you navigate different situations with proper emotions and make decisions that align with our highest purpose and values.

How can I see my angel numbers?

You can see your angel numbers on any number of items and in a number of different ways throughout life. The following are different ways you can see angel numbers. Firstly, you can see your angel number in sequences on a clock. Seeing numbers in sequences on the clock means that time is of the essence. Your angels require you to take action and lead with the strengths of your angel number. Secondly, you might see your angel number on a billboard while riding public transport to work and feel a sense of confidence. Your confidence will translate into positive energy at work which can lead to a promotion or a raise. Thirdly, you can see your angel number on a receipt after spending too much shopping to release negativity. Your angel numbers can show you how to release negative emotions and learn how to balance your emotions. Fourthly, you can see your angel number in your dreams or subconscious. You derive your angel numbers from the basis of your existence and your identity. You can see your angel number beyond the physical realm and your guardian angels may send your the number through your subconscious as a way to reach you. Ultimately, angel numbers are numerical sequences that can appear anywhere in your life. Pay attention to where you see them and where you are to comprehend the full scope of the meaning.

  1. For it to be an angel number, you should see the same number repeatedly over a long time. It’s been 3 years now since I started seeing 11. I have chosen to reply because your question was raised on my birthday day

  2. i dont always see MY angel number but sometimes ill see different triple numbers multiple times a day. does that mean anything?