Honor is a writer specializing in spiritual analysis, astrology, and numerology. She has been a writer at TheCoolist for a year, contributing her experience to spiritual and mystic content. In her previous experience as a history essayist, Honor has used astrology as a tool for historical analysis. Now, she applies her expertise to writing about the ways we can read astrology and the divine in our everyday lives. 


Honor has written a variety of works from scholastic study guides to literary history articles. She draws upon her fascination with the universe, and ancient civilizations to inform the topics of her articles. In her previous works, she has used astrology as a tool for analyzing the confluence between historical epochs and celestial patterns. Her published works include Martyring the Maneaters, Matriarchs and Monsters in Patriarchal Greek Mythology and When The Stars Speak: A Comparison Between Queen Elizabeth I’s Natal Chart to the Horoscope of her Coronation Chart.

Honor believes that celestial patterns can be observed every day in the form of angel numbers and numerological repetitions and that these are more than simply fated encounters. Having extensively studied astrology and how celestial patterns evince in our real world, Honor uses her knowledge to impart the meaning of these patterns and how these play out in different facets of our lives.

Personal Quote

“Astrology is the map to our souls that provides us with a deeper insight into the human experience.”


Honor completed her undergraduate degree in 2021 majoring in creative writing and literature at The University of Melbourne. She is currently completing her master’s degree in creative writing, publishing, and editing (also at The University of Melbourne).