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123 Angel Number Meaning for Love, Spirituality, and Money

123 angel number is a powerful message from your guardian angels that you’re about to experience significant shifts in your life. These shifts will be positive, as the 123 angel number signifies continuity, growth, and progress.

This table shows the meanings of the 123 angel number applied to different aspects of life.
123 Aspect 123 Meaning
Love New relationship
Spirituality Progression to enlightenment
Money New wealth
Career Growth opportunities
Pregnancy Conception
Manifestation Progression to objectives
123 Angel Number
123 angel number is a sign of approaching growth and positive changes.

Constantly seeing the number 123 all around you is a difficult phenomenon to ignore, and you should not try to disregard it. So, when you see angel numbers like 123 on the clock, in phone numbers, street signs, receipts, or elsewhere, it’s more than a coincidence. The number 123 is a communication from your guardian angels, and it’s up to you to interpret and apply its message.

Below is a detailed overview of the 123 angel number meaning in different facets of your life, along with reasons you may be seeing this number everywhere you look.

What is the meaning of the 123 angel number?

The meaning of the 123 angel number pertains to your soul mission; it is a sign that now is the time to take action to pursue your dreams and explore your creativity. Every journey starts with the first, second, and third steps, so take heart that you’re walking the right path. Push aside doubt and fear, and trust the universal truth behind your intuitive urges. 

You are most likely to notice this angel number during a transitional phase in your life. The meaning of 123 is personally significant, regardless of whether you see it appear as 1:23 on a clock or as part of a license plate in front of you during rush hour traffic. Take it as a reminder to seize upon opportunities to hone your unique skills and creativity in crafting a prosperous, fulfilling future. Spiritualist Doreen Virtue spoke about the thematic power of this auspicious angel number:

“Angel number 123 means that new changes and fresh beginnings are headed your way. So you must let go of the past if you want your progression (and the new opportunities it brings) to be fruitful.” 

123 angel number infographic
This infographic shows that angel number 123 foretells a period of growth.

What does 123 mean in numerology?

The meaning of 123 stems from numerology, where the sequence symbolizes continuous change and forward movement. This numerological significance comes from the individual meanings of the numbers 1, 2, and 3.

Combined, 123 signifies abundant growth that leads to happiness and success, much like the similar yet longer 1234 sequence. The extra digit in 1234 confirms the continuation of the 123 sequence, so seeing 123 and 1234 together means that you’re on the right track to progress in your material and spiritual life. Here’s how Melanie Beckler of Ask Angels explains the proximity and similar meanings of the 123 and 1234 angel numbers:

“Both 123, and 1234 are number sequences that are moving upwards in their order… So, the meaning when the angels draw your attention to these number sequences is that you are moving upwards!”

What is the meaning of the 123 angel number for love?

The 123 angel number positive signifies a change in love and promises growth and abundance. However, the message behind 123 changes depending on your relationship status, as explained in the list below.

  • If you’re single: 123 signals a journey towards new companionship. If you’re single and repeatedly see 123, it’s time to seek a relationship. The number 3 in the sequence is your confirmation that the new romantic connection will be harmonious and fulfilling.
  • If you’re in a relationship: 123 suggests a fresh start. It could mean advancing to a new level like cohabitation, engagement, or parenthood. Alternatively, if in an unsuitable relationship, 123 is a call to move on for genuine love and respect.
  • If you’re seeking a soulmate: 123 indicates that you’re on the right path to finding a soulmate. Frequent 123 sightings imply an imminent soulmate encounter but remind you to stay open to recognizing this connection in the people you meet.
  • When dealing with your twin flame: 123 represents progression that may go either way, hinting at a twin flame reunion or necessary separation. A reunion means reconnection is near, but you must be patient. In separation, 123 signifies a temporary distance for personal growth, which is needed to prepare for a future reunion.
  • Post-breakup: 123 indicates it’s time to move on, focus on personal growth, and prepare for life’s next phase. View it as a reminder that the breakup was necessary for your well-being and continued progress toward happiness in romance.

What does the 123 number mean spiritually?

Spiritually, the 123 number represents the first steps toward awakening and enlightenment and highlights the importance of wisdom and a deep consciousness. It signals the need for prompt spiritual action and urges you to establish a stronger connection with the divine through reflection, meditation, or prayer, depending on your religion.

In Christianity, the biblical meaning of 123 is one of progress and God’s compassion, and this interpretation comes from Proverbs 1:23 and Psalm 123. Proverbs 1:23 is often understood as a divine message that encourages growth and alignment with one’s true intentions. Meanwhile, Psalm 123 is a plea for God’s mercy and love.

Outside of religious texts, 123 has two prophetic meanings: change and continuation. It foretells progress and greater capabilities to receive blessings but equally reminds you to persevere through life’s challenges.

What meaning does angel number 123 have for manifestation?

Angel number 123 means ease and effortlessness in manifestation. The number 1 in particular heralds new beginnings and offers numerous opportunities to bring your dreams into reality. So, seeing 123 is a sign that you should leave behind unnecessary things that don’t help you grow. Instead, focus your mind and energy on things and actions that help you achieve your goals.

If you’re shifting, 123 sightings mean that your desired reality is within reach. However, realizing this shift requires dedicated effort and hard work, and the presence of an angel number alone isn’t a guarantee of success.

Whether you’re manifesting or shifting realities, frequent sightings of 123 are a sign that you should be grateful to the Universe for giving you a chance to set your intentions.

What is the 123 angel number meaning for money?

For money, the 123 angel number meaning is that of new opportunities to grow your wealth. Repeatedly seeing 123 is a powerful sign that a flow of abundance is coming to your doorstep, likely as new career opportunities. These could include a promotion, pay raise, or an entirely different career path, but either of these new fresh starts will be more financially rewarding than your current role.

123 angel number chart
This chart shows angel number 123 means growth in love, careers, and your spiritual journey.

Is the 123 angel number a good sign for pregnancy?

Yes, the 123 angel number is a good sign for pregnancy because of its strong growth energy. Seeing the number 123 again and again if you’re looking to conceive is a powerful omen that you will receive what you’ve been waiting for — a baby. The angels are sending you 123 as a reminder to trust the process and have faith that your desires will come true at the right time.

If you’re already pregnant, the number 123 means that the baby is hitting all its vital developmental milestones. Seeing 123 signifies that you have the help of the angels and that everything will work out as it should if you’ve been stressed or anxious about your pregnancy.

That said, it’s important to seek the assistance of healthcare professionals during a pregnancy instead of solely relying on messages from the divine. Remember, an angel number is simply a message – it does not guarantee the desired result without input on your part. Taking proactive steps to ensure a safe and healthy pregnancy remains your responsibility.