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    Facing Your First TV Camera: Look the Part for a TV Interview
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Facing Your First TV Camera: Look the Part for a TV Interview

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In today’s web-driven 24-hour news cycle, on-camera opportunities are increasingly common for people like you. From web video to local TV to the national spotlight, your expertise is a valuable commodity that can be very much in demand. If you’re a Kickstarter or a journalist, a business exec or a creative talent, knowing how to prepare for a quick video interview is a helpful skill. Join us to explore some style tips and guidelines to make a strong impression on your televised audience. Break a leg, dear reader.

Dressing for the Camera

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There are a handful of common rules to consider when dressing for the camera. Without knowing these rules, you’ll likely break them– as some business wear staples can be very problematic. What should you know before building your showtime outfit?

  • Avoid extreme blacks and whites. A black blazer or a white button-down shirt without a jacket can be problematic– in both extremes, it can be difficult for the camera to render detail in clothing.
  • Avoid high-contrast patterns. Well-defined patterns with a lot of contrast (like houndstooth or tight plaid, for example) can cause moire effects on camera that can be very distracting.
  • Avoid glossy or highly-reflective fabrics. You’ll be under a few lights when you go in for your close up, and reflective clothing can distract viewers. Consider this when choosing a necktie as well.
  • When possible, opt for contact lenses over glasses. If you don’t need to wear glasses, try to avoid them. They can often reflect light into the camera which can be distracting for the viewer.
  • Solid colors and basic patterns can convey authority, while also keeping the distraction factor under control.
  • Grays, blues and earth tones are optimal picks– they speak to sophistication and masculinity on camera.
  • Proper grooming is essential, so make sure you’re cleanly shaved and well-moisturized. Stubble and sweat will be your enemy if you’re not prepared.
  • Before you go on air, be sure to unbutton your blazer’s bottom button before sitting, this will help keep your lapels straight.
  • Last, either bring a lint roller or gently brush your shoulders off before tape rolls– pet hair, dandruff or dust will not look professional.

The TV Interview Starter Kit


If you are going in for a TV interview tomorrow, how would we suggest you dress in accordance with these rules? We’ve got some very specific wardrobe picks:

  • Penguin Chambray Blazer – gray, masculine and refined, nothing says “expert” quite like this – $195
  • WESC Jarod Shirt Wan Blue – simple pattern with a hint of color for beneath the gray blazer – $60
  • Gap Slim Fit Classic Khaki – a strong, basic base that features the skinny hint of a creative spirit – $50
  • Dove for Men+Care Face Care – clean-shaven, hydrated and healthy– nothing looks better on camera
  • SeaVees 3 Eve Chukka – gray suede shoes match the blazer beautifully – $178
  • HYGGE L7 Subtime Watch – a simple yet creatively-detailed watch makes a strong statement – $125
  • Forage Black Necktie – a solid linen necktie will look strong without disturbing the camera – $78
  • Han Cholo Stacked Rings – sometimes it’s the little details that count, so long as they aren’t flashy – $50

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Good luck on your first TV interview, be sure to share the video with us in the comments or on facebook or twitter. We hope we’ve done our part to serve you well.