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Moleskine Passion Journals

In a time where iPads and smartphones are all the rage, a little company called Moleskine thinks your passions are best expressed with good old fashioned pen and paper.  When you see the Moleskine Passion Journals, you’re very likely to agree.  The Moleskine Passion Journals are a collection of classic Moleskine notebooks that are each dedicated to one of life’s many passions– from cooking to wine, film to wellness.  These notebooks feature page layouts designed for each passion, with lines, boxes and content bullets to fit just about any remark you’d like to remember.

Amongst our favorites are the Moleskine Wine Journal and the Moleskine Recipe Journal.  The Wine Journal is a handy companion through your wine tasting adventures, allowing you to clearly notate your experience through hundreds of different wines.  Note the varietal, the glass, the tasting notes and your personal rating in the handy five-star box in the bottom corner.  The Recipe Journal is a beautiful little cookbook, featuring 240 recipe-oriented pages that will capture your culinary escapades, allowing you to recreate your moments of gastric inspiration many times over.

The Moleskine Passion Journals include six different options, one each for wine, food, wellness, books, film and music.  We have to agree with Moleskine’s aim with these Passion Journals– there’s something human, something real about pen and paper, something we miss in this oh-so-techy world… [$13.57 each at Amazon] [thanks to mocoloco for the discovery]

Moleskine Wine Journal Video

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