By M. W. Byrne

Cable and Satellite Free: How To Cut The Cord In 11 Steps

Using digital streaming services, we had the option of cutting the cord: canceling our cable and satellite subscriptions to watch our stories on our computer. 

Know What You Can’t Miss

The first step to cutting the cord, or reducing your reliance on cable and satellite companies is understanding what you must have.


Check Your Internet Pipeline

High-speed Internet bandwidth with few or no restrictions is normally required for cutting the cord. 


Household Size and Bandwidth

If you’re right on the cup of your data cap, cutting the cord is going to put you over the top. If you have a lot of breathing room, it’s more likely that you can get what you need without upgrading your Internet service.


Get What You Need

Once you’ve compiled a list of the material you must have on a regular basis, it’s easier to figure out what you’ll require. Cutting the cord usually requires a combination of online streaming services, subscriptions, and patience.


Consider Free Content Sources

Keep in mind that you can attach a standard antenna to your television to get local, broadcast channels for no cost. In some cases, your Internet connection might entitle you to certain content through your provider.


Start Streaming

By using a streaming option – either through their smart TV or a dongle of some kind – cord-cutters attach to streaming services.


Cut The Cord Without Actually Cutting

It’s important to do a dry run, by disconnecting your cable or satellite from your TV, but not actually turning it off. You’re asking for reconnection fees and any number of problems if you actually drop your subscription without being ready.