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1964 Alfa Romeo TZ Coupe

Another year, another classic wondercar goes under the gavel at RM Auctions.  The 1964 Alfa Romeo TZ Coupe is the prize of our eye this year, a legendary racer from a decade where car designs were as muscled as the engines within.  However, this remarkable Alfa competed with the Ferrari 250 GTOs, Shelby Cobras, Maseratis and Porsches of the times with an underpowered engine.  The TZ Coupe was powered by a 150bhp inline four engine, but frequently bested its more powerful competitors at Le Mans, Nürburgring, Sebring and Monza.  It’s the little Alfa that could, an underdog story that is ready to be well-appreciated at the RM Auction this weekend at Villa d’Este, Italy.  This Alfa is expected to fetch between $377,000- 435,000 on Friday the 21st.

1964 Alfa Romeo TZ Coupe Gallery