Nick Polishchuk has been on the editorial team of TheCoolist since 2020. He holds a dual position, serving as the managing editor at, another possession under the Bon Ventures umbrella. Nick’s passion for writing began at an early age, and his current role allows him to weave together his vast experiences and interests that include architecture, construction engineering, naval warfare, travel, and adventure. Nick’s articles reflect his knowledge and hands-on experience in these fields.

Nick has been a freelance writer since early 2019, and has contributed articles to several blogs and companies specializing in architecture, construction engineering, and building science. Nick’s expertise in these areas was honed during his tenure as an estimator at PCL Constructors Canada. At PCL, Nick was responsible for quantifying and pricing materials, labor, and equipment based on detailed architectural and structural drawings. His duties extended to liaising with architects and engineers and ensuring that project estimates aligned seamlessly with the design.

Nick’s sense of adventure is reflected in his service with the Royal Canadian Navy. His shipboard duties ranged from operating the RADAR and analyzing the maritime environment to producing and presenting command briefs and managing the operations room. Nick was instrumental in search and rescue missions, live fire drills, and emergency response procedures. His deployments took him to places like East and Southeast Asia, Hawaii, Greenland, and the Canadian Arctic, fueling his passion for travel and global cultures.

Nick currently resides in New Westminster, British Columbia, with his wife and daughter. Yet, his heart often takes him back to his wife’s home village near Kampot, Cambodia, where Nick once served as a volunteer English teacher and school administrator. Travel, food, drink, cooking, and photography are some of the passions that Nick cherishes deeply.

Highlights and Achievements


Nick’s journey began with his service in the Navy, intertwined with the realm of construction engineering, and was enriched by his teaching stint in Cambodia. Today, as an editor, he channels all these experiences, crafting articles and guiding content that resonates with readers.

Education and Qualifications

Nick graduated with an Advanced Diploma in Construction Engineering Technology from George Brown College in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. During his academic journey, Nick immersed himself in a wide array of subjects, building a solid foundation that would later serve him in his diverse career roles. His studies included the subjects below.