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    1965 Mercer-Cobra Roadster
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1965 Mercer-Cobra Roadster

A rare classic is headed to the auction block later this month.  The 1965 Mercer-Cobra Roadster is rare indeed, a design by mid-century Chrysler design vet Virgil Exner and his son of the same name.  The Mercer-Cobra was a special build that was designed as a throwback to vintage raceabout roadsters.  Inside, it was state-of-the-art for its time, sitting on a Cobra chassis with a Ford V8 as its heartbeat.  That sleek, white skin and copper accents give it the visual feel of gold-laced ivory, which speaks to the rarity and expense of this beauty.  RM Auctions suggests that its price range could climb as high as $1.2 million on August 20th, 2011.  It’s the price you pay for one-of-a-kind…

1965 Mercer-Cobra Roadster Gallery