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1966 Porsche Typ 906 Carrera

Even a seasoned Porsche purist may not recognize this beast on the open road.  The 1966 Porsche Typ 906 Carrera wasn’t built with the modern family in mind, this one was designed to devastate on the racetrack.  One of 66 made, this Porsche ate Ferraris and Fords for breakfast, screaming across the track at speeds of up to 170mph.  At modern standards, this isn’t a shocking number, but for 1966, this vehicle pushed the cutting edge.  This week, this very 1966 Porsche Typ 906 will be auctioned by Bonhams for an expected price of $1.1 million.  Sure, you could spend that on a used Bugatti, but you won’t be getting the classic that this Porsche represents.

Our favorite part?  This Porsche has a rare personality.  We wouldn’t be surprised if we spent some time alone with this car and it began talking to us.  It may be fast and ferocious on the road, but there’s clearly something… loveable about this one.  We’ll take it.  Anyone mind floating us a loan for the auction payment?  [via driven]

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