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1968 Alfa Romeo Tipo 33-2

It might pass as a bird, it could possibly be a plane, but one thing is for sure– this supercar is a genuine classic in the eyes of collectors.  The 1968 Alfa Romeo Tipo 33/2 Le Mans Long Tail Coupe is a racecar with a rare appeal, a curvy beauty with a bulbous front-end and a shark-tipped tail.  Yet it’s not only the beauty that makes this Alfa Romeo so lusty, it’s the careful preservation of its history.  In the late sixties, this racer was tearing up the Le Mans circuit, frustrating its competitors in unparalleled class.  Shortly after its admirable showings at those Le Mans races, this Alfa Romeo Tipo 33/2 was snatched up by a collector then stored and preserved for the forty-something years that followed.  Today, it is to be sold by the Kidston collector car consultants, likely fetching a seven figure sum that would silence the bills for the competitors it raced against decades ago.

1968 Alfa Romeo Tipo 33-2 Gallery