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21 Blackjack Watch by Christopher Claret

The master watch craftsman Christopher Claret has revealed his latest luxury timepiece, the 21 Blackjack Watch.  21 Blackjack is both a watch and a point of entertainment for high rollers, a timepiece that also includes three common casino games– blackjack, roulette and a third dice game.  While the red hands spin to tell the hour and minute, it’s the added functionality that makes this watch so special.

Eight rectangular displays show cards within this watch’s display, cards that fall at random as delivered by the watch as dealer.  On the underside, a full roulette wheel spins while a ball bounces within, waiting to land on a lucky number.  While the additional dice game hasn’t yet been shared, blackjack and roulette are more than enough to keep us entertained.

Christopher Claret’s 21 Blackjack Watch is still in a prototype stage, with pricing and delivery dates still a secret.  While all of this functionality may seem a thing of fantasy for a timepiece, Claret has succeeded in building some of the most complex timepieces of this young century, so there is little reason to doubt that he won’t execute with this one.  The video below shows a few hints on how this high roller will operate.

21 Blackjack Watch Video