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29sqm Flat by 3XA

29sqm Flat by 3XA 1

Could you live in less than 100 square feet of space?  We changed our mind when we saw this stunning flat by 3XA in Wroclaw, Poland.  The 29sqm Flat features living, sleeping, cooking and bathing space in a small, contemporary unit.  The slight industrial features of the painted brick walls and composite wood accents make for a clean living space, one that feels much larger than it actually is.  The home’s entryway passes a bathroom on one side and wall storage hidden behind curtains on the other.  It opens into a large room with a restored wood floor, comfortable seating, a desk space and a bookshelf staircase on the left.  It wraps around into a kitchen and dining area with modern appliances and attractive hanging lamps.  A loft-style sleeping area peers over the flat from above, using the vertical space to squeeze more room into the 29 meter volume.  In total, it’s a marvelous use of such a small space, one that makes small living a charming endeavor.  [architect: 3XA photography: S.Zajaczkowski via: archdaily]

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