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66MRN House by Ong&Ong

From afar, this contemporary Singapore home could be mistaken for a temple. Its cool stone exterior rises to a split steeple at its peak, dividing two volumes in half at its center. The spiritual design of the 66MRN House by Ong&Ong is no mistake, as its creation was inspired by zen design. This grand home is an awakening for its occupants, a place of peaceful reflection, family relaxation and joyous entertainment.

Since the principles that inspire Zen include freedom from material possession, a home of such opulence isn’t exactly virtuous. That doesn’t mean its design can’t be informed by the practice of Zen. The central courtyard of the 66MRN House feature still pools of water that reflect the structure back into itself. These pools are punctuated by carefully selected plants, arranged in a manner similar to rock gardens with trees amidst the design. The interior walls themselves feature a pattern reminiscent of rock garden design, presenting smooth, naturally-existing lines. Repeated patterns and natural immersion are part of Zen iconography, and this home features these elements throughout.

In total, the 66MRN House is massive. It features a large group of indoor and outdoor living spaces on the bottom level, plus private rooms above with balconies and patio spaces throughout. While the home is constructed with concrete and stone as the primary material elements, it comes alive with selected wooden accents in natural and dark tones. It’s the type of large, varied space that its occupant can spend years in and discover new angles and favorite spaces throughout their experience. [photography: Derek Swalwell]

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