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AH House by Studio Guilherme Torres Blends Architecture and Nature

Designed by Guilherme Torres, AH House is an elaborate courtyard enclosed by stone walls that creates a seamless transition between architecture and the surrounding environment. Located in an exclusive São Paulo neighborhood, the house features lush greenery, contemporary design, and a carefully selected art collection. In contrast to the boundless energy of the city nearby, the home offers residents their very own Secret Garden to escape the hustle and bustle.

Entrance to the AH House can only be gained through a one-of-a-kind square yellow door, which opens out onto a balcony flanked by tropical plants on one side, and an open courtyard on the other. It’s hard to tell where the house ends, and nature begins, with living rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms that are exposed to the outside world. The result is a beautiful connection with nature that lets you experience the sounds all around you, even while inside the house.

The overall shape of the house features two large rectangular volumes stacked on top of each other, which helps to create the hybrid indoor/outdoor spaces throughout. There is very little about the house that is conventional, but plenty of design touches make sure it is contemporary. One feature in particular is the modern art collection that features oil paintings by Paulo Whitaker, and compliments the handmade furniture pieces.

AH House is packed with so many beautiful design features that it would make it hard to ever leave such a secluded paradise. What more could you want than a private getaway overflowing with nature, complete with its own swimming pool, and oozing elegant contemporary design?  [photography by Roberto Wagner]

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