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ANZ Centre Melbourne Australia

We’ve long contended that Melboure, Australia is one of the world’s capitols of modern design, and the new ANZ Centre commercial complex continues this city’s reign.  This urban campus by Hassell Architecture is home to 6,500 by day, varied amongst a wild interior with modular spaces set up for work, for play, for creation and relaxation.  The open atrium wraps around a central column off offices, restaurants and common areas with each unit having its own character.  The design feels almost organic, like a living structure that has grown with each distinctive unit being a part of a larger, human environment.  The employees, the visitors and the press have taken note, as the ANZ Centre in Melbourne has earned the Best Interior award from the World Architecture Festival.  This interior architecture is quite an achievement, see why in the gallery below.  Do you dig this sort of thing?  Be sure to check out our feature list of magnificent works of office design, one of TheCoolist’s more popular articles.  [vie designboom]

ANZ Centre Gallery