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Archipelago House by Tham & Videgard

On an island in the far reaches of the Stockholm archipelago, a quaint, contemporary summer home overlooks the waters of the Baltic.  The Archipelago House by Tham & Videgard is set within the nature of these Baltic isles, where pine trees rise and soft soils sink toward the water’s edge.  It is a visually stunning work of architecture, a parallelogram figure divided amongst private rooms that zig-zag throughout its interior.  Each room is aimed toward the water and islands in the distance, comprising a sweeping panorama that is this home’s entertainment.  The exterior of the home features slatted geometric patterns that provide privacy and a visual texture that tracks the sun with pleasant shadows inside and out.  A long patio invites its inhabitants out into the Swedish summer to enjoy the tranquil environment that is close, but far enough, from bustling Stockholm.  In total, a masterful work of architecture by Tham & Videgård Arkitekter.

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