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    Architecture for Dogs by Kenya Hara
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Architecture for Dogs by Kenya Hara

Japanese designer Kenya Hara has developed a projected called Architecture for Dogs, a curated collection of stylized houses and beds for man’s best friend.  Hara assembled a group of 11 architects who each chose a breed group and designed a place of leisure inspired by that breed’s character. The Jack Russel on a t-shirt hammock, the Poodle in a beauty mirror and the Dachshund at a ramped elevation were each contributed by a recognized architect.  It’s a playful series, and while it may be more experimental than functional, it will continue to grow as fans become involved.  Kenya Hara will be launching a website at where visitors can download blue prints and even contribute some of their own.

We’ve explored this in detail here at TheCoolist with a list of “luxury barkitecture”, 10 amazing dog house designs.  The dog lover in you (or your furry friends) may want to check out both…

Architecture for Dogs by Kenya Hara | Gallery