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Atolokis House in Corfu, Greece

The waters of the Ionian Sea end at the foot of this remarkable vacation rental in Corfu, Greece. The Atolokis House is a stunning Mediterranean villa with a breezy, relaxed interior and sweeping views of the environment beyond. Corfu is a Greek island centered between the heel of Italy, the Northwest tip of Greece and lower reaches of Albania. The Atolokis House rests on Corfu’s Northeast coast, taking in the Ionian Sea and the Albanian mountains above them.

The Atolokis House is styled in a traditional Corfiot sensibility, accented with Venitian and contemporary touches for a modern Mediterranean flare. Inside, the color scheme is almost entirely white, yielding a cheerful and relaxing mood that mirrors the island setting outdoors. The house’s patio is the pearl of its offering, a wide, terraced design with smaller, private sections that wrap around a naturally-cleansed infinity pool. The landscaping of the property is decidedly local, as the flora of Corfu is featured here as if it arrived naturally, not transplanted manually.

Visitors to Corfu can stay at the Atolokis House for as low as $4620 a week (for six) during the cooler months, and as much as $11,935 during the summer. That might be a bit outside our own price range, but we’ll gladly pore over the pictures for free. [via decoist]

Atolokis House Gallery