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Autodromo Prototipo Watch

If Speed Racer were a watch fanatic, this would be his sidearm.  The new Autodromo Prototipo Watch is a contemporary timepiece inspired by the concept racers of the late 1960s and early 70s, a visual throwback with a modern powertrain.  From its shape to its dial to its brushed steel material, it is a dashingly retro style accessory.  Under the hood, it shares a similar level of precision mechanics that went into the vehicles that inspired it, albeit on a much more compact scale.

The Autodromo Prototipo Watch is a limited-edition timepiece reserved for those who rarely suffer from sticker shock.  It is the second series of watches produced by Autodromo, a likely continuation of the brand’s early successes.  This fine horological machine will look stylish on just about any wrist, but it’ll command respect from those who understand its complexity.  [via hodinkee]

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