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    BAC Mono Formula-Style Street Racer
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BAC Mono Formula-Style Street Racer

In the world of professional racing, there is no higher class of automobile than the Formula 1.  Most of us, however, will never experience the feeling behind the wheel of a formula racer, since their performance is limited to designated tracks, not the streets of your local city.  The new BAC Mono Formula-Style Street Racer plans to change that, providing Formula-style design and performance with a street legal sensibility.

The BAC Mono sports car is a light-weight single seater with a curb weight of only 1,188 pounds.  By skipping an enclosed cabin, passenger seating and the usual niceties of modern cars, the Mono can shed weight and get more out of a smaller, lightweight engine.  The Mono is powered by a 2.3L Cosworth engine pushing 280 horsepower, enough to drive this beast to 60 mph in 2.8 seconds.  That’ll beat just about any other production car on the road, unless you roll past a Bugatti or a flagship Porsche/Ferrari/etc.

In contrast to those cars that might give the BAC Mono some competition, this one costs far less.  The Mono can be had for around $108,000– a fraction of the cost of the slightly faster Bugatti Veyron.  However, this vehicle is designed for one purpose only– driving for the sake of driving.  You won’t want to take this one to the grocery store, nor will your date have much room for a night out on the town…

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