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    Bahia House by Marcio Kogan
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Bahia House by Marcio Kogan

Marcio Kogan, arguably TheCoolist’s favorite residential architect working today, has released another Brazilian stunner– the Bahia House.  Kogan’s latest project is based in the coastal city of Salvador, roughly 1,700 km up the coast from Rio De Janeiro.  This wide open residence features the continued focus on outdoor living, where the rooms in the Bahia House can be opened to the environment around them using sliding panel walls.  Some sections of the house are made private, but its guests are always just a few feet from the lot that surrounds this structure.  Kogan’s signature of rocky interiors and vertically-slatted wooden exteriors is again represented in the Bahia House, a home that is instantly recognizable as a Kogan.  The feel here is a bit more Asian-influenced that most of Kogan’s earlier works, although the tiled roof appears to take inspiration from the Mediterranean revival.  In all, a stunning, serene and open home that makes its environment as much a part of the architecture as the structure itself.  [marcio kogan via arch daily, photographed by nelson kon]

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