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Baltazar Hotel – Budapest

Every now and then, a little Hungarian hedonism can’t hurt.  The Baltazar Hotel of Budapest provides precisely this, offering romantic, high-design rooms, rich dining experiences and a cocktail bar for a pre-retreat nightcap.  It is a family-owned boutique in the heart of Budapest, a far cry from the big brand hotels that are in danger of taking themselves a bit too seriously.  By contrast, Baltazar Hotel is playful and relaxed, the right environment for guests to truly let their hair down.

Fronting the cobblestone street adjacent to the hotel, Baltazar Grill offers “gourmet street food” sourced from sustainable and flavor-conscious farms.  Dry-aged Austrian beef, local free-range chicken and hand-made sauces and jams comprise dishes that are served in a no-frills, wooden-table scene.  It recalls the family-owned sensibility of the hotel it shares a roof with, as guests are welcomed to an experience that feels local, not touristy.

Baltazar’s wine bar indoors is a reason not to leave the hotel.  Its rustic-cum-progressive design features vintage leather sofas, exposed brick, an artful collection of mirrors and an assortment of open light bulbs that create a playful experience.

The rooms upstairs at Baltazar Hotel are rich in character, featuring pop art and furnishings that are full of character.  Vivienne Westwood, Keith Haring and Andy Warhol themes are featured in different rooms, allowing each room to provide its own experience for its guest.  Depending on the season, rooms can be reserved for around $100/night after conversion to USD.  It’s a small, family-owned boutique hotel so rooms can fill up quickly– plan ahead if you’re traveling to Budapest and want an experience off the beaten path.

Baltazar Budapest Hotel

Baltazar Hotel Room

Baltazar Budapest Hotel Balcony

Baltazar Budapest Hotel Entrance

Baltazar Budapest Hotel Suite

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